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Wednesday, January 9, 2013
Few updates from Instagram, plus an exciting new sampling box to share with all of you... that's FREE.

Taken after filming a hair tutorial (as hair model only lol) for Justin from Shunji Matsuo for

Never been a fan of having too much volume on my hair but I have so many styling products piling up I decided to give it a try. Loving this! You'll definitely see EverStyle products here soon!

Nail polishes from Sally Hansen

Date with the boy..
We finally watched Wreck It Ralph! Those of you who haven't, you should really go watch it. It's good!

New shoes I bought online. Can't wait to buy a whole ton of new clothes from BKK!

I’m sure most of you have heard all about sampling boxes. Doesn’t it all seem so exciting, to come home after a long day at work and find a mysterious and sleek package full of surprises - the latest products for you to sample and enjoy?
Expect at least five product samples in your very own COMPLIMENTARY BLACKBOX, awaiting your undivided attention, sealed & couriered to you at your doorstep.

Yes, no kidding. It’s completely free.
All you have to do is subscribe to BLACK BOX and voila! The indulgence begins and continues with every box.

BLACK BOX brings you experiences from a lifestyle you desire. From dining haunts, outstanding skincare, gorgeous fashion to chic getaways. The people at Black Box are always seeking out the most delectable products and offerings to bring you unforgettable moments in a box.

There's always something for him and for her.

Here’s a special for you girls (and guys):
Black Box is giving away an additional Kinohimitsu health drink worth $6.90 to the 1st 300 readers who subscribe at! Simply quote “JAMIEBB” at the Referrer Code column while subscribing!

Only for the 1st 300 subscribers, so fastest fingers first! Subscribe now at
Hurry, 1st Edition of Black Box will reach you in February! (You will find it in your Feb Black Box if you qualify)

I'd previously mentioned about this online store I've shot for recently, and they're ready to launch. Tonight, 9pm to be exact.

"The name is a mix between "Pretty" and "Happy", a word I invented to describe all girls’s wish to be always beautifully happy. My name is Agnes and together with 3 of my girlfriends, Pat, Perlen and Yan, we want to give you and fellow fashionistas the latest trendy apparels and accessories at the most reasonable pricing."
I helped modelled for their store and their products are of amazing quality - and as you have seen I have gotten a couple of dresses for myself (one of them is as shown above), and that also mean that they were my favourite pieces :x.

The other is this Valencia Lace Bustier Dress. This fits me a little loose at the top but I really love the details of this dress and how it's so chic. Can't wait to wear this out!

That's it for today! Happy Wednesday guys! Be glad it's midweek already! ^^


  1. Your face shape makes you look like a typical Korean goddess :) Rounded forehead too, makes you look intelligent compared to flat forehead.

    Stay pretty, ok ? You look tall btw.

    1. Awwww thanks Q_Q! You're so sweet!
      I'm 1.62m, do you consider that to be tall? :P

  2. Okay done signing up Black Box ^^ Thanks babe~ for the info~~

    1. No probs sweetie! Have fun trying out the products!

  3. your model pictures are terrible... sorry :/

    1. Yeah IK thats why I didn't post many of them. Unlike real models who looks great in every angle, I'm just a normal girl who looks better in my best angle (and these were obviously not) lol. Thanks for comment though, even though "sorry" doesn't really make it less mean-sound lol.


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