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Wednesday, January 16, 2013
Hey guys! So if you have already seen my Instagram or the new banner over at the "Sponsors" section of my side bar, you'd have known that I now have a new sponsor who will be doing my nails for me - D'Nail Palette. Check out her Facebook Page as well! Keep on reading for a special promo for my readers!

D'Nail Palette is a home-based manicure salon that is located in the west side of Singapore - around Bukit Gombak to be exact (5 mins walk from the MRT station; if you are unsure where her place is, Phyl also gives a very very detailed instruction on how to get there!).Phyl, who is the owner of the salon is a certified nail artist, and is also an ambassador for ONS (Odyssey Nail System), and imports all products used from the USA. Phyl can do simple and classic designs to over-the-top extravagant designs as well, I've posted a picture of some of her works on Instagram and it was pretty well recevied! For more on D'Nail Palette: Click Here.

Making an appointment with Phyl is very fast and easy:
1. Whatsapp or SMS Phyl @ 81331321 or email her at at least one week in advance of your preferred date.
2. Let her know what type of service you are looking to do so that she can gauge the time required. Check out her full list of services and price list, as well as nail knowledge if you are unsure of the terms of what you want. Personally, I feel that it would be good if you can show her images roughly of what you what - I whatsapp'd her what I wanted before heading over.
3. After confirmation of date, you'll have to transfer a deposit of $10 to Phyl (she didn't use to implement this, but did so after too many people stood her up last minute) and pay the remaining after your nail services in cash :).
*Soak off for normal gel polish are at $5 (or $10 for 3D designs)

The working area
Phyl's work area is airconditioned (IKR, yay!) and the place is really cozy and relaxing. The area is curtained up so you'll have your sense of privacy. I like that there's a TV included in there with movies for you to watch while Phyl does her magic. I was watching Pitch Perfect!
Phyl owns cats but they are very very chilled and the type that "couldn't care less" about you so unless you are allergic to their fur I don't think there's anything to be weary about. Just look at how chilled her cat was in the right side of the first picture!

If you are unsure of what design you what, or the colours you want on your nails, Phyl has some of her colours and works hooked to the side of the table for your easy viewing!

After letting her know what I wanted, Phyl took a look at my very short nails and told me she was going to do a hardgel overlay for me (since I was going to be going back often to do my nails, she wanted to protect my own set of nails) so that my nails can grow out to longer lengths for me to do more designs without extenions. For more information on how hardgel works: check out Hard Gel Overlay @ D'Nail Palette.

Getting down to doing the nails.
All of Phyl's services comes with shaping + prepping of cuticles. She's very skilled and fast at this and no blogger was harmed during this process lol. I've seen pictures of people going to unskilled manicurists who cut them while cutting their cuticles!! Looks very painful!

Other than Step 1, my nails were cured under the UV light in between each step.

The first layer of Hard Gel feels a little warm at the fingertips (nothing to be worried about, Phyl makes sure that she doesn't apply it onto your skin so it won't hurt during curing) but you can barely feel anything after that.

I chose a black base because for the design I had, I feel that this is the colour to bring out the gold glitter and sparkles. So on goes my nails are 2 layers of iGel. (Gelish and iGels are both soft gels - but the term Gelish that we've come to known as Soft Gel is actually a brand of soft gels under the brand Harmony)

After adding glitter and sparkles.. here's the finished product! It only took me an hour at her place to get these all done!

Awkward hand poses..
I really like soft gel polishes because they not only last very long, they always maintain this glossy and dewy finish!
As promised, here's the special promotion for my readers when you quote my name "Jamie"!
*Not available during peak periods (eg. CNY) and ongoing promotions.
Clear Acrylic/Hard Gel Extensions for 1st time customer @ $66 (U.P. $77)
Glitter Tips Acrylic Extensions @ $70 (U.P. $90)
10% off any Gelish designs over $50
Also, something special is that for all customers, you get to get 10% off on all your spendings on your birthday month! Just flash your IC or Student Pass to enjoy the discount.

If you are thinking of getting your nails done for CNY, there is actually an ongoing new year promotion (till the 20th) now. I would suggest you quickly SMS or WhatsApp Phyl to see if she's free! (She's fully booked from the 2nd of Feb to the 9th)


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