Pretty ladies for you?

Thursday, January 17, 2013
Recently got invited to a media event thanks to the ladies at Touch and I got to meet up and catch up with so many other bloggers on the day itself. While I have yet to take pictures, try out, and review the products, this post is just for me to post the pictures I've taken with them. All pretty ladies heh.

Here's my outfit of the day for the event
Dress: Cotton On Online
Shoes: Bought Online (you'll see it in one of the following pictures)
Bag: Rabeanco

Can't remember the products I used on my skin, but my eyelashes were Eyemazing #801 (top) and Dollwink #5.
For my lips I was wearing a new lipstick I recently got (swatches here), thanks to the sis for getting them for me in Australia. I was wearing #16, and topped it off with one of ZA's Lip Drops Lip Gloss.

All pictures taken with the Casio Exilim TR150 which I was sponsored with to review last year. One of the best reviews I've ever gotten to do. Every time i whip out this camera it gets a ton of attention, and most commonly I get people asking me if it is a phone or a camera - because it's THAT slim and sleek. After seeing self portraits taken with it everyone asks me how much it is and etc because they want to get their hands on it too lol. If you like taking self portraits, this definitely should be your pick!

Anywhere as menioned above, here are the pictures!

Yvette and Meryl

This was actually an accidental shot taken but I decided to post it up because I noticed Meryl and I were dressed so alike that day! I didn't realise until I saw this hahaha



Candy - whom I've known since the start of being a beauty blogger thanks to CLEO. I don't really see her much at events so definitely have to snap a picture! Almost didn't recognise her cause of her funky hair colour!


Miwitch. She's like a giant!! Super tall. I was wearing my heels (so I was about 172+cm that day) and she was still taller than me!!

Kas (sorry if i got your name wrong sweetie!) and Chantana!


Ending the post of here! Will definitely review the products from this launch soon because they're really exciting! (Hint: supposed dupe for YSL's glossy stains!)


  1. Wonder if you can do a tutorial on nose contouring ? :)

    1. I don't really contour my nose so I may not be too good at it. I'll give it a try and see how it goes! :)

  2. Love your outfit, especially the studded collar - cute!

  3. Contouring of nose doesn't look natural ?
    As in it will look sharp in photos, but look unnatural irl.

    1. It should look natural if it's done well. The contouring should be subtle yet show up properly with the shadowing and highlighting. Blend, blend, blend!

  4. But contouring requires 2 shades darker than skin tone ? So I thought it would be quite obvious. Perhaps after blending, the colour won't be too give-away.

    1. Just like if your concealer (which tends to be 1-2 shades lighter), if you blend it well it doesn't show up. The purpose is to deposit the colour and blend it well so it shows up like natural shadow :)


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