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Monday, January 28, 2013
With the pictures all over Instagram and my facebook page, I'm guessing you guys probably already know where this is going.... a post about my new set of gel nails done with my sponsor.

D'Nail Palette
Blk 356 Bukit Batok St 31
Contact: 81331321
*Phyl is fully booked from now till CNY. So earliest booking starts on the 13th (just in time for Valentine's Day). Slots are very limited so book fast because it's on first come first serve basis. You can whatsapp the image or the rough idea of what you want done to Phyl to get a price quote! (If you intend on doing 3D ones please do let her know in advance to give her time to prepare.)

Not that the previous set didn't last or that I didn't like it - it was perfectly intact like when I first did it (except that my nails did grow out a little), but mum didn't want me donning black nails for CNY and so I went back to Phyl to get them done for my BKK trip and for CNY. (I could only do them now cause she's fully booked from the time I get back till CNY!)

You guys probably have already seen it but this is a little more than just showing off the nails - Phyl actually removed my previous set without soaking or even damaging my nail/cuticle with acetone! So remember in this post I mentioned about the hard gel overlay? Basically what Phyl did to protect my nails and cuticles was to simply buff the soft gel off.
She used this tool and very gently buffed the soft gel off. Then used a nail file to file the rest off. I knew my nails were still nice and safe because they layer of hard gel was still on my nails by the time she was done. THIS was what she meant by protecting my nails with hard gel!! If you are constantly doing your soft gel nails, I really highly recommend you to do this (and of course do it with Phyl la).

I let Phyl know roughly the design I wanted, and left the rest up to her expertise (like what I usually do with my hair and leaving it to Caely). I chose the 2 colours I wanted (which were pastel pink and pastel purple, from the brand NFu'Oh.... which I forgot how to pronounce lolol), with the gold half moon trimmings, and then let Phyl work her magic.

Then the process of paint, cure (under the uv lamp), paint, cure, paint flowers, cure, paint, cure was repeated, just like how normal gel polishes are applied. After that, Phyl took out this box full of swarovski crystal blings for my nails! Yay bling!
Whatever size and colour you need, it seems like she already has it!

Glue was applied to my nails to help the crystals to adhere, then Phyl picked them up with a (wax, I believe) stick and promptly started to add more life into my already very chio nails.

Blings all on!
This was before top coat. The top coat kind of caused the surface of the crystals to become smooth (as opposed to cut at different angles to reflect light, thus causing the shine) but they still look very pretty nonetheless. Phyl made the top coat a little thicker for me cause I wanted the nails to last for CNY, and it would be a bummer if they dropped off!

All done~
Gorgeous right!!!

And some random camwhore shots with awkward hand poses lolol. Anyway PLEASE ignore my untamed brows ~_~. I shot my face cause I was wearing this beautiful bluegreen eyeliner from Skin79's new makeup line - Kick It Side, and loved it! And the lipstick in my pictures.... the same one I wore in my previous post. Favourite lipstick of the moment.

D'Nail Palette
Blk 356 Bukit Batok St 31
Contact: 81331321

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