Cascading Curls

Wednesday, January 30, 2013
Went back to my sponsor's yesterday to touch up my roots before my BKK trip and for CNY as well. I actually wanted to do it after I returned from BKK but the thoughts of having nasty black roots in the pictures to memorate my first trip to BKK was just horrendous so I made an appointment to get it touched up.

Nothing much to blog about the process, really, because all I did was touch up my existing hair colour - which to date I have gotten so many compliments on. If you wanna get this colour, look for Caely!

Woke up bright and early to head down for my 11am appointment!

After the roots were touched up, I got a treatment done as well - just like I usually would. This time I tried something new, Matrix's Biolage Exquisite Oil. It's to repair and nourish the hair, and was added into the treatment mask and then the mixture was applied to my hair.

Over this near 1 year, I'm glad to say that my hair is in VERY good condition now! I doubt people can barely even tell that at least 6 inches up from my hair ends were permed because of how well Caely and her team has been taking care of my hair of (of course with added effort from myself :x). I recommend to ALWAYS get a hair treatment when you're at the salon, especially if you've done any chemical treatments - and products to prolong the effects of your treatment.

After the treatment, my hair was silky smooth and softer. It feels extra soft as compared to other times because this time I didn't do anything to the ends of my hair so it's like having it go for a pampering spa session for my hair ends.

Caely decided to do soft cascading curls for me using a curling tong. I was never good at using the curling tong (and was lazy 90% of the time to do so), and I always thought that the effect from using the tongs (on my hair length) will result in very bouncy and defined curls! Seeing how Caely made these super soft and casual wavy curls really made my eyes open!!

So i asked Caely what she did with it - and her trick was that she started along the mid-section, and very lightly tonged the ends (the only time they hit the iron was when she pulled along the lengths to release the curled section). I'm not very good with explaining for this, but maybe I'll try to do a video (either on my next trip back... or if i manage to learn the technique).

Okay guys this is the end of this post! ^~^

I've got a few posts scheduled for when I am away, so do check back!

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