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Thursday, January 31, 2013
Day 1 in Bangkok (Technically night #1 since our flight lands at night)! Here's my first scheduled update! A very short one though.

Shot a photoshoot for ZA x Lowry's Farm for GLOW Magazine around the end of last year and the issue is finally published! I was there along with 3 other ladies and we had a fun time shooting together! Here are some pictures my friend (thanks Charmian!) sent to me that were taken from her phone (which explains the small size). Gotta get my hands on an issue soon hehe.

The same week, I helped Justin Javier from Shunji Matsuo be a hair model to shoot a video for HerWorldPlus.com. The video is already out but I can't embed it so here's the link if anyone's interested.

I personally felt that the looks were pretty easy to achieve, but the braids were the hardest because getting nice, even, braids are hard ):. Personal fav is the first look!

Okay going to end off the short post here! Love from Thailand!

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  1. You are so lucky to be in the magazine >< very pretty!!♥


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