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Friday, February 1, 2013
Day 2 in Bangkok! Here's a review for you guys!

Today's review is something I am quite excited about, and as you can see from the title it's a hair care brand.
You guys probably know about my array of hair care products. I have about 2x more than what I previously showed. Those were mainly from my sponsor (and Ma Cherie). So recently I was approached to try out this brand (from Taiwan) called O'Right (they sent me 3 products after finding out my hair type), and what caught my eye about this is (and made me say yes to the review consideration) that after you finish your shampoo.... YOU CAN GROW A PLANT WITH THE BOTTLE!!
"The bottle can be planted into a pot of soil after using the shampoo. Throughout a period of time, the bottle will start to biodegrade and embedded seeds in the bottle will sprout into a plant!"

I was so amazed by this.. now I can't wait to finish it lol!

Moving on, I'm going to review the products they sent to me separately so that you guys can know which you would prefer :).

Green Tea Shampoo ($34 for 250ml)
For normal to slightly damaged hair Contains organic green tea extract and mild certified organic foaming agents (96% natural ingredients) to prevent oxidation, promote hair and scalp condition, refreshes the scalp and keeps it healthy
I really enjoyed using this product because the shampoo has a texture similar to the CUREment one that I liked, and also lathers up easily. The shampoo cleanses well without leaving the hair dry. It has a very light and refreshing scent of green tea which I personally enjoy as well. What surprised me was that after rinsing my hair, it left a very refreshing and mildly cooling feeling on my scalp. The only down side about this is that the packaging comes with a separate cap so dispensing it onto your palm and then capping it back without spilling the dispensed product is a little tricky - a pump would definitely be much preferred.

Green Tea Conditioner ($36 for 400ml)
Contains organic green tea extract (92.2% natural ingredients) to nourish the hair, leaving it revitalized with a refreshing green tea scent
This conditioner has a texture that is somewhat slightly different from usual ones. It looks and feel a lot like body moisturiser, in terms of consistency as well. I'm not such a big fan of the scent as it smells a little different from the shampoo, but nothing too much to stop me from using it. The conditioner does a pretty good job of hydrating the hair, and what intrigues me is that even though my hair is not as smooth as when I do rinse off with my usual types of conditioner, my hair is still soft and silky after drying. What kind of sorcery is this!!!

Champagne Rose Oil ($42 for 100ml)
For damaged hair. Repairs cuticle scales to restore the tightness and glossiness, easily absorbed without any oily feel to leave the hair smooth, soft and silky. Prolongs treatment effect.
My favourite amongst all of the products! I now understand why it was OOS when they picked out the products to sent to me and had to delay shipping for a week while it was restocked. This thing is amazing! I feel that it's even better than my very favourite Mythic Oil!! The oil smells very soothing and you can definitely smell the rose essential oil in it. I've been to a few essential oil workshops and Rose oil is VERY expensive (around $300~400 a bottle) which explains the price tag on this small bottle of oil. I like that it comes with a pump, and about half~one pump is enough for my entire hair length when it's damp. Why do I love this?? I just used this on the same day I went to get my nails done... and my hair was so silky and smooth and straight and FRIZZ-FREE even when I got home despite it being such a hot day! I didn't even try to blow dry my hair straight and it just felt like it happened magically. I can go on and on and on raving about this product but you guys really have to try it to see it for yourself! Even over 12 hours later... my hair is still soft, silky, shiny, frizz-free, and tangle free. It's like I've died and gone into good-hair-day-all-the-time-heaven.

I actually brought this with me to Bangkok because the bottle is just the right size of 100ml. Expect pictures of gorgeous hair haha.

Check out O'Right's Facebook Page for more information! :)

O’right is available at the following salons: Organic Hai r Professional | 99 Percent Hai r Studio | D & R Salon | ES Beauty | Hairwerkz Beauty House | N.D Hair Profi le | Organic Basic | Soul Works by Koyee | Twins salon | Natural Hair Studio | Crystal Beauty Salon | Tokyo Salon

Products were sent for review consideration.


  1. Great review!♥ how do you get a sponsor @.@ haha just wondering ><

  2. I am eager to use the green tea conditioner.


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