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Sunday, February 3, 2013
I'm sure most of us are familiar with the very famous manicurist brand of nail polish - OPI. Before gel polishes were in trend, I remember to have always used to stare at the bottles of OPI nail polishes stacked at the different manicure salons.

Nicole by OPI is a sub-brand of that popular manicurist brand, and aims to a provide salon-quality range of bold and fashion-forward colours available to the mass market.
"Nicole by OPI was developed to meet demand at the retail level for products with OPI’s high standards. With a strong focus on accessorizing fashion, Nicole by OPI serves as the color authority for the younger demographic."

At only $12.90 a bottle, I can really see how it's targetted at the younger audiences. It's not only affordable, but also comes in a wide spectrum of colour to meet your colour needs. They have also collaborated with celebrities like Justin Bieber and The Kardashians (Kardashian Kolor), and are releasing 2 collaborations with The Modern Family and Selena Gomez later this 2013.

I personally really enjoyed the range of colours, and the quality of the polish is top notch! I have been wearing this beautiful galaxy purple blue colour on my toes (since I have gel polish on my hands) for the past week and usual nail polishes would chip after a few days. This is still going strong and looking perfect! Not going to show you guys pictures of my ugly toes, but I wil do up swatches on fake nails soonish.

What had me more excited was that after the presentation, we were told that we could pick up bottles of our favouite colours and try them out at home. I posted a quick picture of my choices to Instagram.
Really really loving that turqoise and pink heart shaped glitters! The one on my toes is the 3rd blue bottle from the left, but this really isn't doing it ANY justice.

And, some pictures with some of the girls at the very intimate event.

Irene, and Leen from Touch.


Nicole by OPI is available in 30 shades, and is available exclusively at Watsons.

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