Last Day in Bangkok!

Monday, February 4, 2013
Coming back to Sunny Singapore tonight! Since this post is a scheduled one... here are some quick pictures from Instagram before I left for BKK!

Did a very quick attempting-to-be-ulzzang-type make up for a quick trip down to Casio in town.

Tried a spring trend this year which is graphic coloured liner - in this lovely Teal/Turqoise/Bluegreen colour. The liner's from Skin79's new makeup line! Lovely lovely product!

After the Nicole by OPI event - took some of the balloons home. Weird guy on Instagram kept asking me to give him the balloons (said he wanted them for his sister's birthday, and that they didn't have purple balloons in his country?!? He even asked me so many times and asked me for it "when I don't need them anymore" WTF )!?!? Deleted his comments and blocked him off already.

Kitty head band from glamgirl! Lovely ladies sent me a few stuff to try out as well as this headband!

Introduced a friend of mine to go get her nails done at my sponsor's... and here's the results. SO CUTE!!!! She loves it, and I'm really digging it as well!!

Ok this is about it!~ See you guys back here soon. Expect many posts on BKK though since it's my first time there~

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