My DRx Journey - 2 weeks update

Monday, March 11, 2013
Hi loves!

If you remembered my post (which was 2 posts back cause lazy me was lazy to blog...) on my consultation with DRx Clinic, you would've caught a glimpse of my horrible skin condition.

I can now very excitedly proclaim that those days are now behind me (can believe I have only been using the products for 2 weeks wtf) and I confidently go out without any make up (at least facial make up) now!! The boy also seems to be very glad about this because he always did say he'd prefer me without make up. People around me have also commented on how much my skin has improved!

Conveniently snagged off my Instagram.
Just a lil bit of eyeliner on this, and nothing else.

Anyways, with reference to the previous post: not that I didn't want to put up a bigger picture of my skin condition, but because the collage I made of the befores is too big in dimension (mainly the height of the image), google doesn't allow me to embed a bigger image. No worries because today you will be able to see the comparison.

I will be reviewing the products shortly, but (again referring back to the first post where i posted my prescribed regime), I am now off the Blemish Formula (BF) and Acne Spot Lotion (ASL) because my break outs are cleared.

For the comparison pictures, don't mind the colour of the images because they are taken in different conditions from when I took the "before" pictures. Other than the automated tweaking of images with Photoshop, no touch ups were made to the images. And.. my face looks shinier because these images were taken right after I woke up.

My forehead which was my greatest area of concern showed the most improvement as well. Don't mind the red strip along the top of my eyebrows because I just got them threaded yesterday. Most of the dry and peeling skin plus the bumps went away, and old marks are evening out. I do still have some persistent clogged pores, like the one right at the start of my brows - itchy fingers went to squeeze it out which explains the red mark.

I wouldn't say that this is perfect now, but it's a great deal of improvement from my "before". And for your ease of viewing.. here's the comparison, side by side.
Much better, don't you think?

Other areas:
"Before" pictures here

Of course, because these are close-up images of the skin, you can't really see but my pore size is really much smaller now. Not that they were that huge to begin with, but this regime has definitely helped a lot (unclogging and reducing the size of them, mainly). My skin is now clearer (skin tone is more even as well) and pore texture is much more refined. I no longer feel small bumps on my skin, especially when washing my face. Not sure if this is supposed to happen, but my skincare products now absorb better and much faster than they did at the start.

I do have to say though, that the regime is quite extensive and time-consuming. Not sure if i mentioned it in my previous post, but when I first started on my regime it takes me 15~20 minutes to complete (including waiting time to dry between steps), but now it takes me less than 10 (excluding the ABM since it leaves on for an hour) and I memorized the steps within 2 days of usage so there shouldn't be a problem for y'all. 

A couple of my friends have already made their appointments and visited the clinic, and one of them is about 1 week into her regime and has seen results as well! If you're interested to visit them, just click on the banner over on the right and make your appointment :).

Okay that's it for this post! Have already booked my follow up appointment with Dr. Angela for her to review my progress. Stay tuned for product reviews soonish!~ If you have any questions, just comment below!

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