Sunday, March 17, 2013
Top: Forever21 | Skirt: Online | Belt: Bangkok
Shirt: H&M Men | Bag: Rabeano | Watch: Kenneth Cole New York

Just another episode of my stealing borrowing the boy's clothes to incoporate into my outfits. I recently bought some clothes online so when they arrived I naturally wanted to wear them ASAP! First up was this scallop-edge skirt which really caught my eye when I saw it - it came in 3 colours and I wanted to buy them all but I managed to restrain myself and only bought the black.

Don't mind my headless shots - my hand wasn't long enough to capture a full image of my outfit with my head included (fml), so here's a picture of my face for that day!

The reason why I was in one of B's top was that I was worried the skirt might be a little short, and also because I didn't want to look too "sexy" that day with top my top and my skirt being fitting. It also helps to make the look more casual. Oh, I matched them with sneakers but they can't be seen (not that I was wearing them when the picture was taken though).

Accessories wise - just a belt to define my waist and the usual set of rubber bands I wear on my wrist. Paired it with the new watch B got for me from Kenneth Cole since I lost my old watch ):. This is in a lovely shade of Rose Gold, and I really love the details such as the rim of crystals as well as the fact that the backing is see-through!

That's about it for today's post! Hope you guys all have a great week ahead!

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