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Saturday, March 23, 2013
Hey sweeties! Back with a short update this Sunday morning! Again, if you follow me on my other social media platforms, you'd have seen what I've done with my nails!!

Got a new design with Phyl again, and this time round I opted for a few 3D designs. Initially I wanted to do a full set of 3D nails (on all fingers) but I wouldn't have the time because I had to go somewhere else after my appointment (which usually takes 2 hours), so Phyl wouldn't have the time to do both my extentions (will get onto that in a bit) and a full set of 3D designs on the spot.

As to why I needed extensions.... I kiapped (slammed) my pinky with the door (hurt like a bitch as well) and the nail totally broke off. My only comfort was that it missed my nail bed so it didn't bleed,but there's a mild bruise (you'll see it in the next picture). As for my thumb, the side was chipping off because it was always pressing against my retainers when I remove them every morning.

Went back to Phyl's in noon and did the usual proceedures of removal by buffing, and touching up of my hard gel. Btw, my NATURAL nails are sooooo long now! I can't even believe it because they have never been this long, and my nail beds are nice and long now as well. I couldn't take much pictures when the extentions were done because they were being done on my right hand and it was hard for me to snap pictures with my left, but here's how they look after the gel extensions on both fingers! (The rest are my natural nails)
Very cool when I saw how it was done la lol! I was blabbering to Phyl like a suaku (country bumpkin) about how cool I thought it was she must have thought I was mad hahahah. It feels very natural now that I can easily forget that they're extensions when I do my daily stuff because they feel so secure and light! It did feel a little hot under the UV lamp while curing, but definitely bearable!

I left Phyl/to decide the colours and watcher her stick on my pre-made acrylics on my nails!(Some can be pre-made but some has to be made directly onto your nails) And here's the very cute end result! I love how the vertical stripes made my nails and fingers look even longer and slimmer!
Ribbons on the thumbs!

I really liked how Phyl did such a great job with the likeness to the actual character! She does Hello Kitty and My Melody very nicely as well!

She also mentioned to me that she may be rolling out with a promotion soon, so stay tuned for that! Will definitely update you guys when she launches it!


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