Pandora's High Summer Collection

Saturday, April 13, 2013
Got the opportunity to head on a yacht trip with fellow bloggers a few days back thanks to Gushcloud and Pandora. We got to preview their upcoming collection - the High Summer Collection during the short yacht ride.

For those of you who haven't heard of Pandora, they are actually a brand specialising in charm bracelet, and both charms and bracelets are sold separately so you can truly customise a personal bracelet for yourself, which could hold more meaning for you when you look at your charms.

I have a friend whose boyfriend bought the bracelet for her, and for every bigger occasion (they recently bought a house together so he bought her a house charm, aww) he'd get her a charm to put onto the bracelet. I personally find that it's very sweet, and looking at the bracelet would remind her of the special moments.

First thing we saw when we got on board... was that they had a big collection of their charms all laid out. All of our eyes went O.O when we saw the huge array of beautiful charms. Don't just take my word for it, see it for yourself - they're simply stunning!

The rest of the time, us girls spent chatting, eating, chilling, and taking pictures!

Some pictures are from Tammy and Shine.

With Donna and Tammy, and our lovely managers Freda and Sheena.

with Tammy~


Tricia (who very kindly gave us a ride back to Vivo after the trip) and Freda!

Group shot with the bloggers, our managers, and the wonderful hosts from Pandora!

Thanks for the wonderful day, Gushcloud and Pandora!

For listing of Pandora outlets/counters: click here.

Silver charms start from $53 if I'm not wrong. The High Summer collection will be in stores from mid-May onwards :).

Top and Bikini from H&M, shorts from Bangkok :).

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