Tutorial: How to contour your nose

Monday, April 15, 2013

Got a new video up over the weekend and it's a video that was previously requested on an old blog post of mine by a reader who asked if I could do a tutorial on how to contour your nose... and so here it is!

I recently attended a make up lesson over at Make Up Forever (MUFE for short)'s new Make Up School over at Sephora NAC, and one of the items I got was this Sculpting Kit that was used during the lesson.
The moment the beauty trainer tried this on me... I WAS SOLD. I really liked how well both colours in the palette suited me and I knew that this was going to be the kit for me. Have been using it ever since I got it about 1~2 months back??

They also have other different types of lessons, and they are very affordable! If you're a real newbie to makeup, this is something you will definitely benefit from. Tools and products from the lesson are fully provided for - and you won't be forced or asked to buy products because the trainers are not doing sales. Just let them know if you want to get anything or not after the lesson.
The lesson I attended was the 30 minute lesson, for Simply Perfect Complexion. The lesson was really enriching and I got to learn more tips about makeup than I thought I knew.

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  1. Great tutorial! I have really learned a lot here. Thanks for sharing. By the way, love your makeup for it looks so natural and it has bring out your natural beauty.


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