High Summer

Monday, April 29, 2013
Okay okay, as you guys can see from the post title that I can't find a suitable name for this set of nails so I stole it from the name of Pandora's soon-to-launch collection of charms lolol.

I didn't take much pictures this time round, because it was mainly just Phyl slowly buffing off the 3D from the previous set, and applying colours and laying the sequins in place - things I've already shown previously.This time I opted for a simpler design with small accents, but something that Phyl did just as beautifully and skillfully!

I actually wanted Pink, Purple and Turquoise for the other fingers, but after I chose the sequin colours (which were mainly pinkish), I decided to go ahead with Purple, Mint, and Turquoise!

The design on the thumb is the same as that of on the ring finger - some of you might have already seen the picture that I posted of it on Instagram right after I got it done!
The sequins were placed encased in hard gel, and Phyl did 2 layers for me, personally adding the sequins individually to each nail and I really like the final result! Got a lot of compliments from my friends, family, and fellow bloggers regarding this set of nails! Even my manager Freda said it's pretty!

It's been about 2 weeks now and the nails are perfectly intact (as per usual) and the only difference is that my nails have already grown out a bit. Can't wait to head back in May for another set! Already got my appointment booked to do my nails with a good friend of mine ^~^.

I would highly recommend you follow her on Instagram for live updates! But if you want a rough list of her portfolio and service menu:

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