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Monday, April 8, 2013
I previously mentioned that I got the crack on my right hand, and proceeded to cut off the nail (so my right nail is gel-extended now) but this time it happened on my left hand and was causing the gel polish above my nail to slightly crack as well. About 2~3 weeks ago, I headed back to D'Nail Palette to mend a crack on the side of my left nail thanks to removing my retainers.

So sorry to Phyl who had to redo the nail for me, along with the 3D ribbon. But she was so fast that I was done with the nail very quickly.

So, what is silkwrap??
Silk wrap is actually the traditional method of mending cracks in our nails, using (as the nail suggests) a piece of silk. Of course, I don't suppose the silk is the same type that we wear usually, but I'm guessing it's something similar.
Silkwrap is not listed in D'Nail Palette's service menu, but if you are interested you can contact Phyl regarding the price of it.

She started off by removing my 3D ribbon and the gel polish, followed by removing the layer of hard gel I had on my nail so that the silk lays directly over my nail. After which, she measured and cut out a suitable sized piece of wrap to place over the cracked area. I didn't take a picture of the crack because it cracked from the undersize and is quite hard to see.

She then glued the wrap into place, and used a spray for it to dry quickly after applying the filler powder.

The mending process itself was fast and my nail looked as good as new after the silkwrap.
You can barely even see the silkwrap on my nail! Anyway, notice how long and healthy my nails look despite all the soft gel designs I've been getting?? That's all thanks to the hard gel overlay Phyl has done for me! My nails had never been able to grow out so long without splitting!

She then continued to help me do up my design. Saw her make her handfolded ribbon on the spot!! From this....
To this!

Today, even after removing my retainers several times, the area that was silkwrapped is still very strong and sturdy, without a single chip! i highly recommend this to those of you whose nails always chip and you don't bear to cut them!

Anyway, Phyl has decided to launch monthly specials for selected designs, and they will be for only $55 for the select month! Colours are customisable. Here are April's designs!

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