Fuente Forte + Flowy Florals

Saturday, April 6, 2013
Headed to town a few days back to go try out a new hair massage that's going to be available in salons that carry Shiseido products soonish (Shunji Matsuo has already started using Shiseido Professional products already! I know the main salon has, and I really hope that Caely and Jasper from 313 decides to stock up on Shiseido products as well!).
The product, the Scalp Firming Cream (part of their Fuente Forte range), is actually part of an in-salon treatment that helps to firm up your scalp!

After washing your hair, an entire tube of the firming cream is applied on to your scalp and and you get pampered with a very relaxing massage. Two thumbs up! My hair felt a lot lighter and very silky smooth after the pampering treatment.

The massage was soooo relaxing!! Imagine getting this done before a big event for that perk-me-up (not just mentally - results has shown that the massage helps with defining facial contours as well as boosting radiance) or just to pamper yourself and your scalp after a tiresome week at work.

I was told by Janelle that she thought I looked very femine that day (and very much different from when I met her a year ago in shorts lolol) so I thought I'd also take the chance to exploit the good hair day (after the massage) to take pictures for an OOTD while waiting for B to reach home. Also, I tried a makeup look that Yvette shared on Twitter the other day and thought the results came out pretty well!

My fav picture of the lot was auto-shot by my camera while I was adjusting my corset top. When I saw that it was about to snap, I quickly turned to my lens and flashed a weak smile, thus explaining this picture. I'm glad I did that though - I really like this picture! Also, that skirt is actually a pair of shorts that looks like a skirt, uber comfy as well!

Top: Bangkok, Chatuchak | Shorts: Bangkok, Platinum Mall | Bag: Rabeanco | Watch: Kenneth Cole New York

Speaking of the outfit, both the shorts and corset tops were items that I set my eyes on in Bangkok very quickly. Helps that I unknowingly created an outfit for myself hahah. Paired the floral corset top with this pair of flared shorts because 
1. The corset was quite short (doesn't cover my belly button) and 
2. The shorts were high-waisted to cover my belly button without being too revealing. 
I've always been for mixing tight and flowy textures to balance out an outfit (refer to last OOTD,/a>) so I guess this isn't anything new.
Pictures were taken in B's brother's old room which may explain the different scene and why the room is so empty. He's getting married in May! Congrats to the happy couple :,).

Hair lovingly done by Caely from Shunji Matsuo @ 313! Quote "Blogger Yi Jing" to get 10% off all chemical services!

As you can see, my skin has cleared up very well thanks to DRx Clinic,! I still get break outs from time to time but makeup mode from my camera doesn't help hide flaws that show up under sunlight (y'know, those bumps that cannot be concealed because their shadow reveals them under sunlight?) so you can really see how well my skin is doing now. Itchy fingers still picks at her pimples though... ):

Nails by D'Nail Palette. Promotions for my readers available on my right sidebar :). Phyl is holding a promotion for the month of April for selected designs @ only $55! Check them out at http://instagram.com/weakbrains

Something random here... so before I left my house that day I decided to finally find out how heavy my bag is usually when I head to events (meaning with my usual stuff + cameras).... Stepped on the weighing scale with and without my bag and got the weight of my bag (which is the discrepancy in weight). And it was a whopping.... 3kg. No wonder my shoulder aches!
That's it for today's post! Have a great weekend everyone xx!


  1. the hair the hair the hair! so pretty!

  2. Hello :) You sported a Korean look here :)
    May I know which lipstick & bb cream you used ?

    You look uber tall as well :P

    1. Hi babe!
      I used Rimmel x Kate Moss' #16 in the middle of my lips and Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation :)

      I'm 162cm, is that tall? ^^

  3. At least taller than me ^^ hehe :)
    Height of 1.6m is not bad already.


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