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Thursday, June 13, 2013
Today's post is going to be something I used to do but stopped doing for a long time - my monthly favourites. While it was fun to do such posts when I did in the past, I realised I got way too lazy to keep track of which month I received what items. Now I'm going to try and resume doing the posts, but am going to insert some stuff which are long time favourites that I've forgotten to feature. I did forget to take some pictures for some products, but here are what I have remembered to - you guys will see those that I've left out in posts to come :)

Kick starting with my favourite Rimmel x Kate Moss lipstick in #16. This lipstick has gotten me so many compliments and I get so many questions asking what lipstick I'm wearing... this is it guys! It's not available in Singapore so I got my sister to buy it for my in Australia while she was there. Funny story about this is that I actually asked her to get it for me in another shade but she bought this by mistake... which turned to be a blessing in disguise. Will be doing a lipstick tutorial on how I wear it soon.

I used to be someone who didn't think much of primers and didn't use them much. After I got started, I was hooked onto using them. My experience with primers were fairly similar amongst most brands.. until I got to try this out one day. I was skeptical that the "HD" doesn't really make a difference, until I snapped a picture with it and my skin tone looks so nice and fair. This "blue" primer (shade #5) actually cancels out the yellow that most Asians have in their skin which tends to make us look sunken. Perfect for someone who loves the fair look! However, this does look better on camera than it does in real life - so unless you are taking pictures/videos like I am, it doesn't make as much of a difference (although still better than normal primers) when seeing it in real life.

These 2 products I am HOOKED onto! Ever since I got this HD powder, I have yet to touch my unopened Laura Mercier loose powder (sigh). It not only makes your skin look and feel super smooth, but it looks even better ON CAMERA. My skin in the first picture was thanks to DRx, the HD primer, (very tiny bit of foundation on the t-zone) and this HD powder. No kidding. Will definitely do a in depth review on this because I can't stop raving about it and this short paragraph wouldn't be enough for me to write all that I want. In short, this very-finely-milled HD powder reflects light away in such a way it makes your skin look flawless and glowy.
Paired with the specially-made kabuki brush, it gives a very light yet flawless, smooth, and velvety finish. I highly recommend you use it with a good kabuki (or any other densely packed) brush because the powder is very fine and this will ensure optimal coverage. Plus, it really doesn't hurt that this brush is soooooo freakishly soft and bouncy. Before I washed the kabuki brush, I used a random brush I had and the brush wasn't good enough to pick up the fine powder for optimal coverage.. which led my first impression of the powder to be meh-ish. Luckily I gave it a second try with the brush and I haven't touched any powder yet :|.

When I first started using eyelash curlers, I didn't think much of them because they usually don't give quality curls no matter what technique I use to curl my lashes, so I always thought that "any curler is the same". When I first tried this... totally a wow moment for me. The Shu Uemura eyelash curler really does live up to it's name. It gives me perfectly curled lashes - that actually last. No idea how they do it but it's amazeballs. The only down side has to be the price tag that comes with it. Lucky for me, sis bought a pair in Japan and spilt the bill with me.

You guys probably already know that I've previously mentioned that my eyes aren't suitable for wearing contact lenses... but the vainpot in me still wants to give them a try. Thanks to my lovely new sponsor, I get to try them! Since I do know that my eyes aren't suitable, I basically only wear them for a while or for phototaking (like in the first picture). This pair is actually VERY comfortable for my eyes and looks very natural. While editing the pictures I took when wearing these, I nearly forgot I was wearing contact lenses! Definitely a favourite from now on.

Lastly, something not beauty related - what I never go out without. I usually wear either of the watches. The Casio one is half of a pair with B's matching one - with a bigger (and black) face. Kenneth Cole's was B's anniversary present to me because we'd thought that I lost the Casio one (which i ended up finding lodged at the side of my bed). Cheap Monday shades resides permanently in my bag (which I usually am too lazy to change). Casio Exilim TR150 is my favourite because it's so handy and convenient. My EX1 (which I took this with) does have better quality for details... but weighs a ton as compared to the TR150.

That's it for May Favourites. June Favourites soon. Speaking of June... can't believe nearly half of the year has already gone by! Where did the days go! 

*Make Up For Ever products were given to me to try out, and Cocopiel lenses were sponsored by


  1. the shu eumura eye lash curler really have been raved. although it looks the same as the other curlers, many said it is difference. totally in my wishlist!

    1. It IS different! Do go try it out at Shu Uemura counters and you'll know!


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