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Wednesday, June 5, 2013
*Guys may not want to read this post!
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As you guys probably have seen on my social media sites, I've recently made a trip down to Tokyo Bust Express at Square 2 for a consultation + treatment.

While I wouldn't say that I entirely disliked it, my bust size was not satisfactory to me. Besides being the smallest available size (LOL), I am also unable to get an accurate fit because I seem to fit into different sizes for different bras - and for the most of the cute bras that I see in some stores, my breasts are never big enough to fill the bra entirely ):.

While filling the bras poses as one problem, another problem was that I feel that having more of a fuller bust tends to seem more feminine (no cleavage when I wear bikinis booo). For someone who didn't hit puberty until 13, I was really looking forward to growing boobs la (lol) but somehow they didn't grow as much and I'm pretty much left with an unsatisfactory bust size fml.

While a boob job or breast fillers will definitely be a feasible option when I do get older, I would most definitely prefer something non-invasive and natural. Tokyo Bust Express actually uses all natural ingredients such as with the added effectiveness of massages and machines to help with enlargement naturally. Tokyo Bust Express uses ingredients such as Fenugreek Seed Extract, Mexian Wild Yam Root, Hops Flower, and Dang Gui Root (to name a few) which helps mimic what the female hormones naturally does.

I got my consultation with Evonne at Tokyo Bust Express Square 2 and Evonne was really nice and friendly. Plus, she's one of the 100 most loved beauty professionals as voted by CozyCotters.

She asked me what size I was and I wasn't sure because as I mentioned earlier I was different sizes for different bras so I told her somewhere in between an A and a B. She then asked me about my ideal size which I promptly replied with a "Full B". I'm not greedy okay. I just want to be able to fit into the cutesy bras that always catches my eyes at lingerie stores. 

Fun fact: Your breasts are not entirely fats, which is why sometimes when some people lose weight their bust size still remains. Beneath the layer of fats lies your mammary glands, to which people usually have 15~25 sets of, and the determining factor to the size of your breast is the size of each gland (from very small to the size of a grape)!

*While Tokyo Bust Express promises immediate results, for the result of the session(s) to last and become permanent, it is recommended that you get at least 5~10 sessions. Read on to find out how you can get a free trial :)

I was then asked to change into a kimono and Evonne came in to take my measurements. And then she revealed to me that I actually had a good number of glands, just that they were small, and I have the breast area of a B cup but the volume of an A (FML IKR) which was why I found myself stuck between such cup sizes. The good thing was that my they were firm and not sagging haha. (Apparently people with small breasts can have saggy breasts too!)

From then, Evonne customised the treatment for me and told me about what each treatment does. The 1-on-1 consultation took roughly about 30 minutes in a private room, before I was led to another room for the treatment (which lasted about 90~120 minutes).

The treatment started out with a massage to relax you and prep your bust area to start stimulating the glands. It was relaxing but with a little pain at some parts because it was near the ribs and they had to massage to be able to get to the glands under the layer of fats.

Following which was a collagen scrub to cleanse the dirt and impuritants from the surface of the skin so that the toning bust essence which follows will be better absorbed. Just think skincare but for your chest area. Right after this, my breasts were already much more lifted! (We took a nipple-height measurement before and after this process).

From here on, machines were used instead of therapists that would do the work. The first one was the Push Up Machine. The machine uses vibration and light pulses to stimulate the lower portion of your breasts for that "Push Up" effect. I really liked this because it was very comfortable! I swear I could've fallen asleep if I wasn't too busy using my phone hahaha. (Plus, I loved that I got to charge my phone thanks to a loaned charger because I was heading out after the treatment and my battery was dying on me.)

Last and finally, it was the suction machine. The name is indeed as it suggests. This is to help "shape" the breast and to help with further enlargement.

After the treatment was done.. when I was wearing my clothes again, I was soooo shocked because not only were my breasts more lifted, I was able to fill more of my bra and it definitely looked fuller - such that I could see some cleavage! I was also given a small tube of their bust essence to help with further maintaining my bust.

Left Tokyo Bust Express a happy and satisfied girl!

Thank you to Evonne and the Tokyo Bust Express Square 2 team :)

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Tokyo Bust Express outlets:
* City Square Mall  180 Kitchener Road #B2-39 Singapore 208539
* Park Mall  9 Penang Road #11-06 Spore 238459 
* Nex Mall  23 Serangoon Central, #03-32 556083
* Novena Square 2  10 Sinaran Drive #B1-111 307506


  1. thanks for the intro, looking forward to winning!!! :D

  2. Hi Jamie, are you still going for this? Have your breasts grown bigger? I've similar issues as you. And sadly, i don't have any cleavage when I wear bikini too. I'm at the age which I think my breasts won't grow anymore.

  3. I only went once for the purpose of reviewing it for the post so while I did see improvement after the post, and like mentioned, it is temporary. Suggested term is for 5~10 treatments before the results will stabilize and last. There's a special promotion for my readers coming out soon for a few free treatments to try it out yourself, you can stay tuned for the post soon! :)

  4. Okay ill keep a look out for it. Thanks :)


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