Korean Ulzzang Inspired Brow Tutorial. (Video + step by step)

Tuesday, May 21, 2013
Adding in onto the recent Korean Ulzzang trend, one of the key points for the look is the thick straight brow. This was a request on one of my YouTube videos previously, and I finally got down to doing it. Watch the video to find out how I fill in my brows!
This will not work if your brows are too arched (so if they are, let them grow out and get it reshaped).

Products used:

For those who would prefer a step by step tutorial, here's one! I have prepared an image, filling the brows in on photoshop.
*Base brow image credits to princess-livia.com. Editings to the image were done by myself.
1. Start with a clean brow.
2. Draw a straight line from the bottom-middle of your brow to the tail of your brow.
3. From the top-middle (highest point of your brow), draw a straight line to the front of your brow.
4. Fill in the rest of your brows, gradiating it to make sure it is lighter and softer in front.

Try not to use a shade that's too dark to avoid the brows looking too harsh. Your brow colour should be up to 2 shades darker if you have light coloured hair, and 2 shades lighter if you have dark coloured hair. If you have lighter hair colour but very dark brow hairs like me, use a colour corrector or brow mascara to tint your brows :).

And voila! Here are your straight korean ulzzang brows! Fuller looking straight brows give the impression of a more youthful look. Let me know how you guys like this! ^^


  1. Hi, where did you get your ringlight from and how much? Thanks!

    1. Sim Lim, one of the shops on the ground level. Not exactly sure how much was it since I bought it a while ago, but I believe it was about $120 or so.

  2. Which pink lipstick do you use ?
    It looks nice on you :)

    1. I don't remember exactly if i was wearing lipstick or if I just had lip balm on. If it was lipstick it is most likely Rimmel x Kate Moss #16.

  3. Very nice, clear and easy tutorial~~ Definitely gonna try this ^^ Thank You So Much~

  4. hello!

    haha im going through your blog posts :)
    you have thick brows even before makeup, may I know if u go for eyebrow embroidery before?
    And where do I get the products you used above?
    thank you! :)

  5. Hahaha I see. Nope! Naturally thick brows. The eyeshadow and brow mascara can be purchased at Watsons!

  6. haha lucky girl! where did you get the sigma brush and the cost of it?

  7. Having to get them threaded hurts though ):.
    Luxola.com. I bought a brush set so I'm not sure how much the brush costs individually. Any angled brush would work actually :)


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