Avance Eyelash Serum Review

Sunday, May 19, 2013
Haven't done a product review in a long time so here's one that I've tried out recently!

Avance's Lash Serum EX

I've always been a sucker for longer lashes, with a mascara being my first makeup buy back in Sec 1, so I jumped at the opportunity to yet again test out another lash serum. Today's review is on Japanese brand Avance's lash serum. Apparently Avance is an old name when it comes to lash serums because they have been manufacturing them for years.

This, I have been using for about 2 months and I gotta say I really like it!

This is my "before" picture, taken on 20th March, after one coat of the serum on both my top and bottom lashes.

And, after, on 10th May. This picture is on clean lashes

Personally, I feel that my lashes do feel a little longer, a bit fuller, and much more lifted (more obvious in the picture). The serum absorbs into the lashes quickly without leaving a film or a hard coat (like mascaras usually do) so it's optimal as a primer before mascara to protect your lashes as well. I haven't been wearing my fake eyelashes lately because I have been doing the "Ulzzang" type makeup (or at least it's inspired) and longer lashes really does make the look a little prettier/girlier without the use of falsies.

The serum comes housed in a 7ml glass tube (as seen at the top of the post) and has a mascara-wand-like applicator, which makes application fast and idiot-proof. The only thing about this that i don't like as much was that sometimes when applying onto the inner lower lashes, they accidenly poke my eye (probably because my lashes are too short) but other than that all's good. I usually go back into the tube before applying on the other eye because I'm greedy like that.

If you apply too much, it might leave a small droplet at the end of your lashes but it absorbs quickly so by the time I get to applying my mascara it doesn't hinder the application.

Even though it seems 7ml is very little product, I have been using it nearly every day and have yet to go through even 1/4 of the tube. The only down side is that lashes do not appear as full if you don't maintain it. Also, everyone's lashes does have a growth limit (meaning the maximum length your lashes can grow to) so don't be too bummed if your lashes don't grow out to as long as Kim K.'s.

I can't remember the price of this, but I believe it's SGD$39.90 and is available at Watsons and BHG stores in Singapore. For more information, check out Avance Singapore's Facebook Page.

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