Acrylic Florals with D'Nail Palette

Monday, May 13, 2013
Hi guys! Back with another post of my latest set of nails by D'Nail Palette!

Went back a few days back to refresh my design and to get some extensions done because my nails grew too long and ended up breaking off. The beds were shorter than the length of the nail itself, so I had no choice but to cut them off. Here's what they looked like before I went back. As you can see the polish itself was entirely intact.

Phyl did 6 extensions for me all together during this session. 3 on each hand - thumb, index and middle fingers because while my thumb's nails were still long, I had accidentally bent them and caused a weak point so she decided to do extensions for me instead.

Extensions and base colours later... she got on to doing my design for me! Crystals on the base of a few fingers, and floral acrylics on the index and middle fingers! She was very delicate while doing the detailed work - to place so many acrylic flowers onto the little area of my nails, PETAL BY PETAL.

She said that this was the longest time she had spent doing a design hahaha. I was there for about 3 hours+ (including removal and extensions) but definitely worth the time!! (I was supposed to do my nails on the 20th but she had a slot that day so I went down. Lucky for my friend.. if not she'd have to wait for me for 3 hours on the 20th since we booked a double appointment hahaha)

Look at my beautiful nails now!! I am uber loving it!!

After the first nail was done.. I immediately went "omg sooooo pretty". After the whole set was done, I was digging it even more!
We decided to keep the flowers matte for a slight contrast in texture, but if it traps dust (acrylic is porous, i think) I will get a top coat over it when I return to accompany my friend to get her nails done.

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  1. Hi Jamie, I read about your Drx journey and is very impressed about it. Ive also found out from the post that you actually has got oily skin. I'd like to think I have oily skin as well, hence I would like to know what brand of make up remover do you use? Is it oil based or water based? And also, if I only has sunblock applied on my face, do I have to remove it using make up remover as well? Thank you in advance dear!


    1. Hi Janet, thanks! :)
      I'm actually using DHC's Deep Cleansing Oil now and I find that it works amazingly, even on oily skin. On days where I have lighter makeup on, my pick is Bioderma's Sensibio (or Ceralin, either which it's the red bottle). Anything over SPF 25 I would with my Bioderma, otherwise my cleanser takes care of it.


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