CLIO Gelpresso Burgundy Series Review

Saturday, May 11, 2013
Hi everyone! Got a new video up earlier today for a quick review of CLIO's Burgundy Series Gelpresso liners.
Here are more pictures and some more of what I left out in the video earlier.

The liners were sent to me a while back and I was very excited when I received it because it was a surprise package! The colours of the liners were beautiful and I couldn't wait to try them.

The packaging of the individual pencils came in the form of matte-tubed auto pencils. And like mentioned in the video, with the sharpener hidden at the base of the pencil for when it gets blunt. Irks me when I sometimes get the product on the cap though!

Swatches of Bloody Devil, Bloody Angel, and Bloody Sweet respectively.

My favourite is Bloody Sweet but I like the other two equally as much. The pencils are very creamy and smooth and what I forgot to mention in the video was that after it sets, it doesn't budge - but before that it has a little give for you to use it as a base colour or in a smokey look (which I have tried).

The Gelpresso liners are creamy yet firm which makes it easy to work with - and to draw thin lines with when sharpened. They are very smooth and glides on easily which makes it perfect for beginners! Colour payoff is very good as well as the liners are very pigmented.

CLIO Gelpresso liners are available at Watsons. For more information, check out CLIO Singapore's Facebook Page.

Wishing of you out there a Happy Mothers' Day!

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