DRx Journey Part 5 - Essential Facial (Plus) at DRx Medispa

Thursday, May 9, 2013
3 weeks back, I headed to the Mediaspa side of DRx to do an Essential Facial (Plus) ($215). Essential Facial (Plus) basically is an upgrade of the Essential Facial (which I will get to in a bit) with an extra step of Micro-dermabrasion - which uses a diamond-tip tool to exfoliate the skin.

The essential facial started off with basic cleansing to rid your skin of impurities so that the effects of the facial is optimal. Then the first step was Micro Dermabrasion (MDX) which not only exfoliates, but also boosts collagen production in the skin while helping to reduce the appearance of any scars. It's not painful at all (my first thought when I heard "diamond tip" was that it'd be painful lolol). All you will feel is a mild suction as the therapist glides the tool on your skin.

Then.... the painful part - extraction. What's a facial without extraction right? It was painful but definitely worth it! Their therapist was so skillful that there aren't any scars at all!

Next step: Ultrasonic Cleansing, which uses a device that uses sonic waves to deeply cleanse your skin and help unclog impurities. You will hear a ringing sound when doing this (I've done this twice before so this isn't anything new to me) especially when the tool is nearer to your ears.

Following that, the therapist will use the same tool to deliver nutrients (either Vitamin A, C, or E, depending on your skin condition. I did a Vitamin C one) deep into the layers of your skin using sonic waves as well. This boosts the efficiency of the product and higher rate of absorbancy (did you know that our skin absorbs only a small percentage of topical products?). I felt my skin firm up and was sooooo smooth after the vitamin c delivery!

Lastly, a mask is applied to soothe all the redness and to relax your skin. Was left on for about 20 minutes? The mask was so comfortable that I'm sure if i could lay on my side I would've fallen asleep.

This is me without makeup (with sunblock and hydrator from Derma-Rx) after the facial. My skin was soooooo smooth and soft I didn't need makeup hahaha.I kept touching my skin because it was so damn soft and smooth!!

The effects of the facial lasted a good 2 weeks before my menses arrived and screwed my skin up again with breakouts on the forehead T_T. However, except for the problem bit around my forehead, my skin has been awesome! I don't even need to use much foundation nowadays and the skintone is a lot more even. I've gone through a bottle of toner, AB, and ASL already though. Nearly finished with my cleanser so I'll be topping it up soonish.

For first timers, quote 'Jamie Tan' while making your appointment to get your first 3 consultation fees waived off! Call up 6733 1555 to book your appointment.


  1. Hey Jamie.. I know is been months.. wonder e waived consultation still ongoing? So wanna try out, even thou I'm working mom, I still find it so ex. So praying hard, I dun need so many prods.

  2. Hi may I know who's your regular therapist ?


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