DRx 4 - Carbon Laser at DRx Clinic

Wednesday, May 8, 2013
Back with another update of my DRx journey! My skin has been clearing up pretty well, but I still break out from time to time, even more so during that time of the month when hormones run amok, but it is still definitely much better than when I first consulted with Dr Angela.

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Around the end of May, I went back to DRx for a follow up review appointment with Dr Angela, plus a laser treatment. What I did was the Carbon Laser treatment, which is to exfoliate the skin, while boosting collagen growth. The treatment comprises of having a layer of carbon applied to your skin, then it being blasted off using a laser.

Me with the carbon on my skin! It was left there for about 30 minutes before treatment started, so I waited in the private waiting area before treatment started. Look at my bumpy forehead! Much better than before but still some stubborn clogs.

The carbon effectively goes into your pores, and when it gets fired off, it explodes and creates tiny little "wounds" onto your skin, which boosts collagen products while healing. There is no down time for this laser, and you can most definitely put makeup on immediately if you want to.

Do you guys know that only doctors are certified to use lasers? Dr Angela did the laser treatment for me quickly. Basically, it is not supposed to be painful - but you will hear a lot of loud ticking noises as the laser zaps the carbon. I was on my period that day (girls are more sensitive to pain a week before and during their period) so I did feel a little of pain, but Dr Angela turned the laser onto a lower setting for me :)

After my Carbon Laser, my skin was very soft and I had a very natural radiant glow for the next week. The only downside to this was that I couldn't apply my Alpha-Beta Gel (AB) for a couple of days because of the tiny "wounds" on my skin, and I mentioned before in my DRx Regime Video that AB stings broken skin. The effects lasted about 2~3 weeks but my skin (overall skin condition) was much smoother than before the treatment.

Call up 6733 1555 to book your appointment! Quote "Jamie Tan" when booking your appointment to get your consultation fee with Dr Angela (and Dr David) waived off! I highly recommend Dr Angela!


  1. Hi, would you know the cost of This carbon laser? Thanks!

    1. Hi Lauren! I'm not too sure of the exact cost but it's about $3k+ for a package of 5 sessions I believe.


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