Back from Batam

Tuesday, July 30, 2013
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Back from Batam, Indonesia! Took a short break (really short, like 1 day lol) with B, my cousin, and my cousin's girlfriend Jaslin over at Batam's Montigo Resorts and the place is beautiful!! Normally I wouldn't ask B to be the cameraman of my shots back in Singapore (unless it's like OOTD's which I can't take myself) because I trusted that I know my own angles best- but this flight of stairs was too gorgeous for me not to hand both of my cameras over to B and make him snap away while I try to act all Top-model-ish lolol.

Here's the video of the clips I took there + a very quick DRx update. I wasn't wearing makeup so you guys can really see the condition of my skin now.. much better than before!

Anyway, will blog about my trip with more pictures soon, watch this space xx.


  1. I am going to batam soon too! Hope to see where you go before I go, haha, so I can make some sound decision. Did you do any water sports? :)

    <3 Celly

  2. Nope, I didn't! We went there to relax, was only there for a day :)

  3. I see, I remember they have very good spa there! You should do that one day ^^
    Thanks for your quick reply dear, so sweet of you ~

  4. Thanks for the recommendation, will try that the next time I go there if I do get a chance to return :). Most welcome ^^. Enjoy your trip to Batam as well!

  5. Can you post your skin routine and more makeup tutorials. You're pretty without makeup. Xx

  6. Aww thank you babe! My skincare routine post is here:
    Will try to do more makeup tutorial ^^

  7. Nice review - check us out next time you come


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