Sunday, July 28, 2013

Snapback The Stage Walk | Cropped Sweater The Stage Walk | Shorts Bangkok | Satchel The Stage Walk | Flip Flops Havianas

Another OOTD post today! Wore this out to the airport the other day to lunch with B and the sister. I really like this sweater from TSW (you guys probably already seen me posting pictures of it on my Instagram) and it comes in this green shade as well as white. The material is really soft and probably about the thickness of a normal cotton tee (the good kind) so it's definitely more wearable in Singapore. I wore it on a rainy day and it kept me nice and warm - I didn't even realise it was soooo cold till I held B's hand which was freezing cold.

Also, my very first snapback from TSW too. Actually comes in Black and White but I think the white looks better on me? Anyway, I will be picking the winners for the Gumtoo Giveaway soon... pardon me for being so late because I've been generally lazy la.. BUT I'll be hosting another giveaway soon that I'm sure you guys will love so stay tuned okay.

Also, it's 9am as I'm typing this and I'm heading to Batam for the first time (damn suaku I know) with B and my cousin + his girlfriend later on. Can't wait because our villa has a private pool! See you guys when I'm back xx.

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