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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Back on the blog with my longest video yet - 10 minutes! It took me forever to get this video edited and exported (took over 4 hours to save fml) but it's finally up and here it is. Keep watching (and reading) to find out about the giveaway!

Featured Products. Product pictures of the VDL Tint Bar and Blush Duo here

From The Stage Walk. They launch every Sunday at 12pm!

Advertorial + Giveaway
So yesterday after my shoot with The Stage Walk I came home to an exciting parcel that I've been waiting for for awhile.
A lovely little parcel from Gumtoo! When the people at Gumtoo contacted me, I went to check out their website and found their designs really cute! What Gumtoo is, is actually a online website who works with designers to bring us (the consumers) quirky and fun temporary tattoos. Typically they can last anywhere from 2~5 days depending on care, which I really like because it gives me a chance to experiement and try out different designs.

Personally I have had the thoughts of getting tatt'd, but besides the fear of pain (I'm such a wuss, I know), I am terribly afraid that the tattoos will look damn ugly when I get old?? I mean right now I'm still young so my skin is nice and taunt... but imagine your design all wrinkled up and saggy... NOT a nice sight. This allows me to not only have the freedom to change it up every now and then... but it's something I can do on a whim and remove if I don't like it at a certain spot or if I feel the design doesn't look good on me. Plus, Gumtoo's tattoos are made with FDA approved ingredients and safe for kids aged 3 and up- any parents out there can get this for their children!

I got to pick out a few designs that I want to try and here's what I picked out!

Of them all.. my favourite is the Imaginary Bike which I stuck onto my collar bone area immediately!

I love how it looks dainty yet adds a little something extra to the bare upper chest area. Plus, the quality of the print is very good.

The tattoos are not only for decoration.. but you can also use them to "accessorize" your look! Check out my Zipper(comes in 3 colours) wrist. The moment I saw this tattoo while browsing through the catalog I knew I wanted to wear one here! The results were much cuter than I expected. Slashing your wrist is too mainstream.. why not try zipping it up??

Check out their website, http://gumtoo.com/ and you can check out their catalog. They also show different pictures on ideas on how to wear their temporary tattoos!

To take part in the giveaway that Gumtoo has so kindly decide to sponsor, all you have to do is  follow @playatgumtoo on Instagram, and leave a comment (on either this blog post, the YouTube video, or both) with your Instagram username and email address! Giveaway ends 11:59pm 21st July.


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