Mint x Black x The Stage Walk

Sunday, July 7, 2013
Awkward pictures x2.
 I'm so not a morning person - my face swells in the morning and I look like a fishball but life still goes on and I have events to attend. Took these pictures just yesterday over the weekend and the reason why I was excited for the event was because I get to bring out my new lovelies from The Stage Walk. Love the bag and the shoes so much!

I decided to pair it with a monocromatic theme to further emphasize on the simplicity of the shoes (which looks even better the more I look at it) and for my pop of colour to be the tiffany mint satchel which has yet to launch. Look at how the shoes elongate my legs aaaaaaah.

Look at fishball face ):.

The satchel is actually pretty spacious and of a good and sturdy material... with a solid base so I really like that. For size measure, it can fit my EX1, Wallet (my wallet is a long wallet and is pretty thick), umbrella and some other stuff which are smaller like my key pouch, phone, and Casio Exilim TR150. I'm pretty amazed at how many sutff I managed to fit into this little satchel as well. Not sure when this bag will launch but it comes in 5 pretty colours (as mentioned in my video) and I'm so tempted to get another shade!

Anyway, the collection which I shot for The Stage Walk for has just launched today. Here are some of my favourite pictures. Do head over to check out their site because there are some gorgeous clothes they have brought in + self manufactured!

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