Thursday, November 21, 2013

Today's post is going to be on something that's more often than not avoided by conservative Asian cultures like we have in Singapore - Sex, Sex Education, STIs and the likes.

Growing up, I've mostly been very conservative when it comes to talking about sex. I remember back in secondary school when we were getting our sex-ed classes everyone was "ehhhh" and "ewwww"-ing rather than actually listening, which makes our knowledge on "Sex" itself quite limited IMO.

As I've gotten older, maybe because I've always been surrounded by girls, I feel that it is easier to talk to friends about such things as compared to, say, others who go to a mixed school? But really, there isn't a need to be so guarded about sex education. Sex education should be as normal as learning your subjects in school.

What is sex and why do people have sex??
Besides for the purpose of reproduction, sex has often been linked with being an act of love, or for those who enjoy sleeping around to "have a good time". But with sexual intercourse comes the danger of contracting STIs - especially if you are not your partner's one and only sexual partner.

Durex wants to spread the word as to why having safe sex is important. Not only are you protected from STIs when you use a condom, but you also want to protect yourself (if you are a girl) or your partner (if you are a guy) from unwanted pregnancies. (And girls, if you do end up pregnant, you have more to lose.. really).
This can happen to anyone, whether straight or not – you are in the risk of contracting STIs, so please don't take this lightly.

Amongst STIs (sexually transmitted infections), the deadliest has got to be AIDS, which is caused by HIV.
HIV or Human Immunodeficiency Virus is the virus that causes AIDS or Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, which is the disease that attacks the immune system of the body. So, HIV is the virus, while AIDS is the disease.
Although, if you are a HIV carrier (or HIV positive), it does not mean that you have AIDS. Early detection can help you keep the virus under control.

If you know someone who is a HIV carrier - there is actually no need to discriminate them. Let them know that they are no different from any one of us..

Furthermore, HIV cannot be transmitted through daily activites - they can only be transmitted via
1. Blood Transfusions
2. Unprotective Penetrative Sex
3. Mother to baby during pregnancy and delivery.

In conjunction with World AIDS Day, I'll be attending the WAD Party at Butter Factory on the 30th of November, Day Party at Butter Factory on the 30th of November, and you can win the tickets to join me and other fellow Gushcloud bloggers!
Just post a picture of yourself with a message for World AIDS Day on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter and #SomeoneLikeMeSG! After posting, leave a comment below with your Facebook/Instagram/Twitter handle and your details and I’ll pick one lucky winner!

The more people who know about it and share this, the closer we are to a country, to a world, free from HIV and AIDS. For more information, click here

Additionally, a few Gushcloud bloggers came together to do a video for World AIDS Day, catch it below!
What is your story??


  1. I actually have a friend with HIV...but we still hang out and share drinks like normal friends do. Let's not discriminate! They need us more than ever during these tough times.

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