3CE Lip Pigment in Electro Pink

Thursday, December 12, 2013
Everyone's got their must-have makeup products, and one of the products that has been on my list for as long as I can remember has been lip products. Your lip colour is one of the products that can simply take your makeup look and change it from sweet to sexy in one (or a few) swipes.

Besides that, a good lippie will always add good colour onto your lips. I've not done too many lipstick reviews here on my blog, but here's one of my recent favourites - 3CE Lip Pigment in Electro Pink.
3CE is a brand under StyleNanda that's very famous in Korea, and I've heard so much on their lip products, so imagine my excitement when 8Clover offered to send some my way!!

The lip pigment has the consistency of a cream lipstick and a liquid rouge with a semi-matte finish. It feels velvety on the lip, and my choice of application is with a synthetic brush for better colour payoff.

My favourite way to wear it?? The Korean-Ulzzang way! You  guys can refer to my previous video on how to achieve it...

Really, all you need is just 3 simple steps.

Dab onto center of lips | Blend it out | Smooth out edges with clean fingers and you're done! x

Personally, I like that the colour is a bright blue-pink because the blue undertones helps to make your teeth look whiter! This colour will suit a variety of skintones from light to dark and the colour payoff is amazing! The only down-side is that I find that it is a little dry for my preference after long wear (so if you are intending to wear it for long, apply your lipbalm before that) but otherwise the staying power is pretty awesome too!

You guys can purchase 3CE products via 8Clover (Website|Instagram) and they have both instocks and preorder (same price as on the 3CE website!). Quote "Jamietyj" to get 5% discounts on all purchases!

Do check out their latest spree which will close 31/12!

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