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Friday, December 13, 2013
Those of you who follow me over on my Instagram would have already known that I've recently gotten my brows embroided at Bio Beauty Aromatic Spa at Toa Payoh.

While I am fortunate to be born with a full set of brows, my brows lacked shape and despite being mostly full, there were some sparse areas that could be improved.

I headed over to Bio Beauty at Toa Payoh early on a weekday morning to get my consultation with Irene. While I was apprehensive about getting an embroidery done (thanks to those aunties with greenish faded brows from going to cheap salons), Irene has a ton of experience in this field and even has students coming from overseas just to learn the art from her. I knew I was in safe hands with her.

The store itself was quaint and cosy, and the staff were all very friendly and inviting so I didn't feel awkward or intimidated. Irene examined my brows and told me that my brows were uneven, and that my right brow was shorter (naturally) than my left - so she'd rectify that by helping me balance out my brows and lengthen the right to match my left, then went along with the natural shape that I wanted. Once we agreed on it, her assistant helped me prep my brows by shaving off the hairs around the brow and sketching out the shape.

Celebrity Feng Shui Eyebrow Specialist - Irene Teo (Singaporean) has been voted No.1 in Singapore and Asia the least painful yet most talented and reasonably priced Eyebrow Enhancement Specialist. 

The Chinese believes that eyebrows are very important as it would effect your “chi” and personal feng shui. Bio Beauty Aromatic Spa is proud to have celebrity feng shui eyebrow specialist - Irene Teo, who is the pioneer eyebrow expert in her field. She has more than 25 years of experience in the beauty industry and has taught beauty lessons to beauticians worldwide. She also specializes in men’s eyebrows shape and design that would help a men look more powerful. She is world renowned that even celebrities and royalties from countries like United Kingdom, America, Africa, Indonesia, Australia, etc, would book and fly her down for personal house consultations.

Irene has done eyebrows for many Celebrities, Models, Air Stewardesses, Office Executives and even Foreigners who specially fly down from Australia, America, Korea, Japan, China, Indonesia, The Philippines, Africa, Thailand, Malaysia etc. 
She also designed eyebrows for famous bloggers such as Bong Qiu Qiu and also famous International Model DJ - Nicole Chen. Former Miss Singapore, currently a Celebrity Charisma Trainer and Beauty Queen - Genecia Luo also did her Eyebrows with her.

Irene Teo also conduct certified courses for aesthetics doctors, beauty professionals, spa owners, beauticians and nurses.  She also does eyebrows for men. (Pstt..She is also the 1st Eyebrow Specialist in Asia to specialize in MEN POWER UP EYEBROWS and Feng Shui Eyebrows. )

I was doing the Nano 3D Korean Eyebrow colouring (U.P. $1288, Now $680) which is actually the latest technique in the beauty industry - which will look more natural by embroidering in hair-like strokes. It is semi-permanent and can last up to 2 years depending on skin type which I thought was perfect because as we age, our features and bone structure changes, and what used to work for us may not in the future.

What to EXPECT when you do this Treatment?
• Latest technique in the current beauty industry
• Semi-permanent procedure to enhance the looks and thickness of your eyebrows.
• Hair-like strokes embroidered onto the skin with colour pigment matched to your eyebrow colour to create a natural appearance that can last up to 2 years depending on skin type.
• Unlike the traditional permanent makeup (tattoo) where green colour pigment are deposited to fill a brow which appears unpleasant and unnatural.
• A range of Black, Dark Brown, Light Brown and Grey colour shades are available for you to choose from to match your skin and hair colour.
• Eyebrow Nano Embroidery Enhancement Technology is very mild and comfortable.
• No pain and no bleeding.
• A session takes about 55 minutes to complete depending on skin types and conditions.

About 20 minutes later, the process began.
The best part?? NO PAIN AT ALL.
I was being such a wuss before this and I kept asking if it'd hurt.. Irene and her staff kept assuring me it wouldn't but I still braced myself for some pain hahahaha. I was so shocked when she started because it didn't hurt!! If the pain from tweezing/threading was at 7/10, this will effectively be 0~1/10 - not kidding.

Freshly deposited colour!

All done! As you can see, my natural hairs are really dark so I opted for dark brown because that's the lightest I can go for it to still look natural.

Initially, the colour of your brow will be expected to be much darker since it is supposed to fade. My scabs started peeling off around the 7th day, and now my brows looks so natural! Am going to go back soon to do touch it up since I really like this shape! Heh

Day 2

Day 3

Day 5

Day 6

Day 10

Some other services available at Bio Beauty

Pinkish Lips Enhancement
-Suitable for SMOKERS Black Lips.
-Uneven shaped Lips.
-Do NOT need to use lipstick.
Original Price: S$1888. Current Promotional Price : S$580

Eyeliner Enhancement
- Looks NATURAL even WITHOUT make up.
- EYES looks BIGGER.
Original Price: S$480 Current Promotional Price: $380

Japanese Eyelashes Extension
Original Price: S$120 Current Promotion Price: S$68

Korean Eyelashes Extension
Original Price: S$160 Current Promotion Price: S$120

Japanese Eyelashes Perming
Original Price: S$88 Current Promotion Price: S$48

Korean Eyelashes Perming
Original Price: S$128 Current Promotion Price: S$68

For more information: WWW.BIOBEAUTY.COM.SG
Add / Tel / Operating Hours:
3 Minutes Walk from Toa Payoh MRT Station Opposite Block 600 Library's MacDonalds & Cafe Cartel
Toa Payoh Lorong 4, Block 73 #01-597 S(310073) 

Strictly By Appointment Only
Tel : +65 6258 9418 / +65 6259 8967
Irene Teo : +65 91855270 

Operating Hours  Monday - Friday 10am - 8pm  Saturday & Sunday 11am - 7pm

Thank you Irene and Bio Beauty for having me and working magic on my brows! Am thinking of getting eyelash extensions next time! :)

 Official Partner of BioBeauty 
The Prestige Eyebrow & Lash Specialist 
9 Scotts Road Pacific Plaza  #03-08 Singapore 228210  Tel: 67333369 / 67333379

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