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Sunday, February 23, 2014
Gosh, I don't even know how to begin this post so I'm starting this post with another candid B got of me before we headed for our reunion dinners! I've been in the holiday mood for so long recently after the Lunar New Year just passed so I'm really lazy to be updating my blog these days (sorry guys but I'm back!). There goes the days of feasting and gambling with our relatives lol.

Am so blessed to have my outfits this year entirely sponsored by my sponsors/advertisers. My family always wear brand new clothes for the very first time for CNY, and to be honest many people shop for their CNY clothes as well. I can't even put into words how much I hate shopping during this period! So anyway, here are my outfits for the CNY!

Dress Earl Grey Party | Necklace Little Black Bag | Bag bxtwxxn | Heels Shop Jenith
Digging this red number for my reunion dinner because my grandmother really loves red clothes for CNY hahaha. Personally, I really fell in love with the way the dress drapes at the bottom! My shoes for the entire CNY was this beautiful pair from Shop Jenith that makes it look like I'm floating, not to mention that it was super comfortable despite it being the first time I've worn it out! Loving the acrylic heels. Also, kept to this A.Wang inspired bag for the whole CNY because it's nice and big.

Romper The Stage Walk | Heels Shop Jenith | Bag bxtwxxn
Day 1 of CNY had me in a floral number! This romper from The Stage Walk I actually own in 3 colours aside from this floral piece. That's how much I like it lolol. I think I kept this from the shoot about 1 month before CNY and I was very excited to finally be able to wear it.

Top The Stage Walk | Skorts The Stage Walk | Bag bxtwxxn
Another floral piece with yet another outfit from The Stage Walk! Also kept this from the same shoot as I did for the floral romper. Really loved the origami shorts in floral prints!

That's about it for my CNY OOTD's! Back real soon, promise! x


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