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Wednesday, April 23, 2014
Went to IKEA earlier this month to pick out a couple of new furniture for my room! And thanks to his help, I now have more space to store my stuff and this cosy little area in my room hehe.

The boy and I brought the unit home by ourselves (whooping 76kg of hard labour) and fixed it up ourselves too because I had my old table removed and couldn't wait for delivery! Since it was a weekend, we could get it fixed ourselves too. B and I are very familiar with fixing IKEA items on our own because we work well together on such stuff haha. Have already fixed up a sofa and table for his room in the past.
If any of you are curious, this is the ALEX 9 drawer unit, SGD239 and I got it from IKEA Alexander. The first cabinet took a little longer but the second self was much faster to assemble since we knew how the pieces would attach. For the most part, the frame was easy to assemble - but the drawers were tedious (but easy) since there were 9 of them each.

If you are thinking of saving some money on delivery and assembly (assembly is from $35 or 10% of your purchase if I remember correctly, whichever is higher), I HIGHLY suggest you get THIS FIXA automatic screwdriver. We found ours near the checkout section and my god was it a godsend. Gone are the days of screwing the screws in manually - this made it such a breeze! $13.90 to save you from arm pains, I'd say it's most definitely worth it.

Anyway, without further ado, here's the video!

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