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Wednesday, May 14, 2014
How many of you are like me and have oily skin?? Well, you're gonna love what I'm about to share with you girls today!

Lets face it - oily skin is not attractive. I, like many Asians, suffer from oily skin and apart from the pro that oily skin helps your skin maintain its youth (wrinkles appear slower), there's an endless list of cons. Clogged pores, shiny skin from oil (not in the good way), and melting and smudging your makeup are just the tip of the iceburg.

Not to mention, the weather in Singapore is not the least helpful! It's so hot and humid and causes us to perspire, producing even more oil!! ):

When I was younger, I used to use oil blotters. You know, the type of "paper" that claims to absorb the oils and mattify your skin?? Back in school, my friends and I used to use them regularly and compare whose faces are oilier lolol. Until a few years into discovering makeup did I realise that oil blotters actually do more harm to make your skin even oilier than actually keeping it matte - so you'll find yourself having to blot off more oil even more regularly.
What happens is that the oil blotter removes ALL the oil on your skin, drying it out, and in an effort to replenish the lost oils, your skin will produce even more oil than it did before because it was taken as a sign that the previous amount of oil that was produced was not enough - thus causing an overcompensation of oil, which makes your skin oilier and oilier over time!!!

Once you've started wearing makeup, the problems get even worse. Smudging (and oxidising) foundations, concealers, and even eyeliner if you have oily lids like mine! I don't always wear a full face of foundation unless I have shoots, and I hate having to blot off the oil by piling on powder because they have the tendency to look cakey (from those that I've previously tried) and it feels really heavy and thick - not to mention it also causes clogged pores! While it looks fine on camera, it's really really heavy on my skin and looks really thick in real life.

So guess how happy I was to hear about L'Oreal's new Mat Magique powder foundation?? It promises 12H shine control (thanks for Volcanic Perlite) and ZERO pore, ZERO shine, and to be 100% lightweight!! Sounds like a godsend already.

First up, I liked that the powder is really fine and smooth. Took me a good while on my camera and edits to be able to capture the particles because they are so fine! It looks really light and natural on the skin, and lives up to it's claim of being lightweight. I really hate foundations that look unnatural and feels heavy on the skin!

As advised, half a puff is all you need for your face. For a lighter and more natural look, I prefer to use a powder brush for it, but the puff is great for touch-ups or if you want more coverage. (My tip: if you find that it looks too matte for you, try setting it with a thermal spray for a soft velvety finish!)

There are various ways you can use the Mat Magique powder foundation!

As a foundation

And for touching up

Even for oily eyelids and lower lids!

Look how it instantly mattifies my skin and makes the pores look smaller! Definitely a shinebuster that can survive in Singapore's humid weather!

For better viewing of the mattifying results, here's an oil blotter test! The entire area of the back of Joanna's hand was coated with olive oil, and only half of her hand was patted with a light layer of the Mat Magique powder foundation!

Follow @lorealparissg on Instagram and comment on this photo on my Instagram (@jamietyj) with at least 2 benefits of the Mat Magique foundation. One lucky follower will stand a chance to win a Loreal hamper worth SGD$150!  

L'Oreal's Mat Magique powder foundation is available in 5 different shades and will retail at $30.90 in Watsons, Guardian, Sasa, departmental stores and selected super & hypermarkets.


  1. You airbrush and edited your picture a bit too much (& obvious). I don't think I can trust this review.

  2. I did not airbrush or edit my photos apart from the lighting and colours of the images. The camera I used for the selfies comes with makeup mode. The close up of with/without the powder is taken with a DSLR, which does not have makeup mode.

  3. hmmmm... i applied the powder after my bb cream.... but after a few hours my face turn oily and cakey.... ;/ :/

  4. Great review! Can u send me a link of where to buy it?

  5. Honestly really obvious got edit -.- forehead is the size of a deformed baby


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