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Wednesday, June 18, 2014
How many of you here like me have oily skin? I've mentioned it a couple of times that I have oily skin, but did you guys know that hydration is still very important despite having oily skin? Your skin's oil level is not an indication of the hydration level, which is why some people with oily skin can have dry patches of skin (like myself) on an oily area.

The fact that I sleep in an air-conditioned room does not help! Sometimes I wake up to the sides of my lips and nose peeling :(. It's even worse on days that I have shoots and had tons of makeup piled on... sigh.

So when I was introduced to L'Oreal's Hydrafresh Mask-In Water Gel, I had high expectations for it! It claims to give as much hydration as a sheet mask... in about 10 seconds. Plus, it's water-based consistency is suitable for daily usage (it is a moisturiser) and oily skinned girls yay!

After a full day of shoots, the last thing I want to do is spend the time awake doing nothing with a sheet mask on my face. I just want to go to sleep! Besides, while having a sheet mask on, I can't be on my laptop to reply my emails and all... which makes me even less productive. If I can get the same amount of hydration in 10 seconds... why not?? Let me put this to the test!

After cleansing my face, I used a moisture device to test the moisture levels in my skin on both sides of my jaw.
I then used a sheet mask (I cut a small piece off) on one side, and the Hydrafresh Mask-In Water Gel on the other.

I was very surprised to see the results! The Mask-In Water Gel actually fared better than the sheet mask! To maintain fairness, I waited 10 minutes for the sheet mask and waited for both sides to completely absorb the product before measuring!

For best results, it is definitely suggested for you to use the whole range of Hydrafresh products!

Oodles of goodness in the Hydrafresh range to feed your skin with!
- Double Hyaluronic Acid: Hyaluronic Acid + Microencapsulated Hyaluronic Acid deeply penetrates skin's core. Locks in moisture from the inside out for softer, smoother, more intensely hydrated skin.
- French Grape Seed Extract: Cultivated from the finest grapes grown in Languedoc-Roussillon, France, its extraordinary antioxidant power is 50X more effective than Vitamin E and 20X that of Vitamin C. It neutralizes free radicals and radiation while increasing skin's ability to retain moisture and produce collagen, thus tightening skin and preventing the formation of fine lines.
- French Vosges Spa Water: Packed with 16 minerals, a combination unique to the water found in the French Vosges Mountains, to strengthen skin's moisture barrier.
You guys know how the korean dewy skin look is soooo in right now? Just pat a little of the spa lotion after your makeup onto your skin to achieve that!

Find out more at www.hydrafresh.com.sg
The Mask-In Water Gel retails for $25.90 and is going at 20% off ($20.70) for the month of June!

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