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Friday, June 13, 2014
I'm sure all of us like to be in the forefront and be updated about the latest deals and best discounts whenever we are shopping - and in this time and age, what better way to do so than to enlist the help of social media platforms to provide us with the fast moving information we need?

Sometimes I get so bummed out when I get updated on deals late because more often than not, I was at the place of the deal, but I didn't know about it so I missed out on them :(. With Great Deals Unlocked!, that will become a thing of the past!

One of my favourite places to shop at is Orchard, because it has a great collection of stores that I usually frequent - and the mall I'm at in town most often would have to be 313@somerset since my hair sponsor is also located there, it's accurate to say that I'm there at least once a month.

2 weeks ago, I decided to pop over 313, soaking in some retail therapy amongst a few stores - you guys might have already seen me share some of the deals over on Instagram (@jamietyj, or search #313SocialCatalogue) but let me share a couple more with you here today!

I dropped by YellowKorner at B1 first. It’s a place where you can view and purchase exclusive photographs taken by top photographers. You can’t find their art pieces anywhere else!

I've never been to art stores and I really like the feel of the store. What I really like about it is that the photographs are categorized into different “genres” like fashion, travel, food, etc and the store layout makes it easy for you to search for the type of photographs you want. I love how the lighting of the store directs your attention to the photographs.
While I'm not a photography connoisseur, I am naturally drawn to things that I’m familiar with, like Fashion. I'm a great fan of America's Next Top Model so these pictures definitely speak to me. I never thought of it like that, but having a piece of artwork hung on your wall can help conceptualize spaces, and enhance the ambience in you house. Definitely a place I'd drop by again in the future when I have my own house!

Each photograph comes in limited pieces, and comes in a variety ofsizes. The autography of the photographer, write up of the photo, as well as a serial number can all be found at the back of the image. This means that the pictures are certified, not like any others that are found online! Think along the lines of the same exclusivity of Picasso’s paintings, but in the form of photographs J

Then, I came across Jet Concepts. It’s a relatively new local skincare spa company.

Their signature Jet Facial is done with this machine that was developed by a Rocket Scientist! How cool is that?! Who knew Rocket Science and Facials could ever come together right?!

Jet Concepts also has their own in-store products at affordable prices, and suited for many skin type.

Last stop was Sony!
I didn't know that a new Sony store has opened up, and it is the biggest Sony store in the Asian region, having it as their flagship store. The store has a dedicated area right to hit the FIFA World Cup wave, as well as an entire area for you to try out their PlaySation 4 on a multiscreen display! I'm sure B would love this, hahaha.

Personally, my favourite section is the areas set up for cameras testing and photography. There are mockups of the outdoor settings in the store for you to test the quality (E.g. Macro settings) of the cameras, unlike other stores where you can only snap photos around the store. The cameras are also untied so you can walk around and within the store to snap if you’d like to!
See the jungle setup on the platform? This would change according to different themes, seasons or anything event upcoming in Singapore so it would be more realistic people who are considering to buy a camera!

One additional feature of the flagship store is that it aims to create an experience even when you’re still considering your purchase. Look at the TV area – it’s decorated like a movie theatre for you to get the full ambience while “test watching”. They also have a surround sound booth!

Like I said earlier, this is a one-stop place where Sony lovers can head down to, because even the service center is located in store making it really convenient for shopping, buying and servicing Sony products at one go! I hate sometimes how brands have their service centers at ulu ulu places! :/

After seeing all these, I’m sure you’re tempted to get your own retail therapy!!! Well, good news for you, because if you’re the first 30 shoppers (every week), you might get to walk away with $50 worth of 313 vouchers even whist shopping! From 9th June to 27th July, you can snap pictures of your favourite items (from participating stores), upload on Instagram and hashtag #313SocialCatalogue and #(StoreName). If your picture gets selected, it would not only be featured on 313 SocialCatalogue Facebook app, you get to win the above said voucher! So hurry okay!

Like B, football fans probably would already know that there is a World Cup themed lounge located at Level 1 Atrium at 313! It’ll be there from 9th to 22nd June, so you can get your beau to head down there while taking a break from shopping mania and engage in an entertaining game of Foosball, or get rejuvenated in the comfy lounge chairs with some refreshments from the bar, essentially soaking up the spirit of World Cup! What’s better is that the proceeds of every drink purchased at the bar will go towards supporting ASPN (Association for Persons with Special Needs), injecting some kindness while at it!

Special thanks to Nicholas from Light Bandit for the first shot!

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