Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sorry for the hiatus guys! Back today with another post featuring an online store that specialises in bags and accessories - Yventually!
Yventually is started by fashion-loving Yvonne in 2010 for her love of bags and shoes.
Sensing the lack of online stores focusing on ladies handbags and shoes then, Yventually was started with the aim to bring in a wide variety of trendy bags and shoes without compromising on the quality of the products. Over the years, our brand has expanded and now we are proud to say that we have a range of our very own self-manufactured ladies handbags and shoes!
I personally feel that accessories really help to complete a look! I'm not always changing up my daily set of accessories, but bags can help make your outfit go from casual to sporty or sweet! I picked out one of their self-manufactured bags to share with you girls today!

First up, you guys should know I'm a fan of big bags. If you refer back to my "What's in my bag video", you should know that big bags are the only way I can fit all my stuff into my bag!

The quality of the bag is really good and sturdy, and despite the bag having an irregular shape, the design is very sophisticated (perfect for office ladies) and most definitely would fit a lot of things! There are many little compartments in the bag as well so the contents of your bag can definitely stay neat (no more having to dig through a large tote to find your phone or lipstick)!

In fact, it's even able to fit my MacBook Pro 13"!

Quote "JamieTan" to get 5% off all items (excluding sales items) when you shop at Yventually!

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