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Tuesday, July 22, 2014
How many of you here hate digging through your bag to find your wallet when making payments at the cashier? I know I do! With my hands full with my shopping, this is daaaaamn troublesome.

If you carry around a big bag like me, you'd know my woe. Sometimes digging through your bag is such a chore (not to mention embarrassing when you hold up the queue)- and even worse, I've had my nails break (omg such a bimbo statement, I know) while digging through my bag!

Unlike my long, hugeass and heavy wallet, which I usually keep in my bag, my phone is so much more convenient to hold in my hands.

Now, you can wave those woes of a heavy wallet and cashless situations goodbye with SingTel and Standard Chartered Bank’s newest innovation: Dash!

Dash is a free mobile app that allows you to download your cash straight into your phone, and you can pay merchants (such as Watsons and Wing Tai stores including Topshop/Topman) or your friends real cash! Gone are the days of queuing up at the ATMs!

Transactions done via Dash are absolutely safe and no charges applied, so it is literally your very own ATM in your hand!
Damn happy when I saw that Topshop was on the list of merchants yknow!! If you don't already know, most of my shorts are from Topshop because they have sizes that fit me in designs that I like!

Dash is really convenient to use and not to mention really fast! I was the very 1st customer to pay via Dash at the Topshop Ion outlet, and despite it being both mine and the cashier's first time using Dash, we were done in less than 1 minute. No change required either!

If you search Topshop from the list of merchants, you can find the one you are at and there will be different codes. Each counter has a code so if it isn't displayed clearly, ask your cashier which one it is!
Slide down to pay merchants!

Imput amount.

This is what will be reflected on the cashier's side so that they know your transaction passed through! They will then verify the last 4 digits of your phone number as well.

I also bought some toiletries at Watsons with Dash later that day and again, done under a minute!
Shows you nearby merchants!

Confirmation prompt.

Besides paying merchants, you can also use this amongst your friends!

When eating out with my friends, there is always that one friend that "never bring my wallet", "forget to withdraw money", or "I pay you next time", and it never happens!!

With Dash, these situations won’t happen anymore! Friends can download money from their Standard Chartered Bank Savings account into their Dash mCash account, and transfer the money to their friends directly and safely! Makes splitting the bill amongst a group of friend much more convenient as well! (Pssst, great for mahjong too!)

Besides that... Dash is also available on Comfort Taxis!! Some cabs are Dash enabled and you can pay your cabbie directly through Dash! Which is a real lifesaver if you have forgotten to bring out your wallet, or if you have no change! I really hate the ATMs in town that only dispenses $50 notes because most of the time cabbies don't have enough change (or you'd wipe out their till) and they hate it. There was this once a cabbie actually broke my $50 into all $2 for change (cab ride was about $6) and I ended up with goddamn a lot (23 pieces) of $2 notes... LESSON LEARNT #truestory.

I can't wait till Dash expands and is available at more merchants and ALL taxis!

I hope you’re as excited about Dash as I am!

Sign up here if you are: http://bit.ly/1lqQi0R

ALSO! If you sign up for Dash now, you also get $10 credited into your account immediately! (This means 3 cups of KOI bubble tea with Dash!).

$10 FREE!!!

You just need to be an Android/iPhone user, and you can download Dash into your phone on the Play Store/App Store for free!

*Do note that you'd need to know your SingPass details when signing up for your Dash account. You will also get your Dash x Standard Chartered card in the mail as per a normal ATM card! :)

Find out more information about Dash here:
Facebook: facebook.com/DashSingapore
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DashSingapore
YouTube: DashSingapore
Instagram: #needsanupdate

SIGN UP NOW! (http://bit.ly/1lqQi0R

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