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Monday, July 7, 2014
Is anyone else here guilty of being on your phone on social media nearly 24/7 like me? You'll love what I have to share with you today!!!!

As a blogger/social media influencer, a good percentage of my time is spent on social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube - you name it. Even when I'm out shopping or dining or doing shoots, I got to admit that I am addicted to the internet and social media... and I know that because when my phone dies on me, I will usually take the bf's phone and start browsing aimlessly lolol. #truestory you guys can ask my bf.

If you follow me on Instagram, you'd know that I do postings very regularly - usually multiple posts in a day. And when I'm not on Instagram, I will be streaming InstaVideos/YouTube videos or my favourite anime, if not that, you can usually find me on Facebook, Twitter, or playing games.

With that being said, there’s always a price to pay for being constantly connected online and I would definitely vow that that mobile data plan is a necessity for me. Take away my SMSes (who still uses that :x), take away my free call time, I NEED (!!!) my data plan. IKR, my addiction is beyond horrible. So imagine how bummed was I when they took away the 12GB data plan to replace it with a shitty 2GB??!

Ok, but truthfully speaking, even though I don't usually hit the full 12GB (I once use about 8GB at max, but I will usually fall in between the range of 3~5GB on a good month), it used to always be comforting to know that I will still have the 12GB to fall back on so that I won't exceed my bills which are paid for by my parents.

Lucky for us.... (and I have more perks for you guys because you guys read my blog xo) SingTel heard my woes on having limited mobile data and they are giving YOU GUYS more data - FOR LESS $$!!

For my readers, here are the extra* perks:
*For new sign ups/port in


All you have to do is to sign up for your plan via this link (Do note it has to be via this link and you won't be able to get these perks elsewhere

Never tried purchasing a phone online before? Don’t worry because signing for your plan and purchasing a new phone is super-fast and fuss free over at SingTel’s e-shop!
The exclusive discount you will get from my link ($50 off handset purchase xluding iPhone) will only be reflected at the summary page after you have logged in and the additional 2GB will be reflected on your phone bill when it’s mailed to you. If you'd like to trade in your phone, just check the option and you can pass them your phone when they deliver yours (within 2~3 working days). How convenient is that! Now you don’t have to especially make a trip down to get your phone trade in!

If you'd still like to get it done physically at SingTel’s shop and still want the additional perks from me, all you have to do is to email with you Name, Contact Number and let them know you are my reader and the voucher will be mailed to you directly for you to spend at the shop!

I personally feel that it's a really great deal you will not want to give it a miss. Where can you get a deal that gives you a 5GB data for only $36 (rounded up) for the Youth Lite plan ?! I think my current plan is $40ish for 3GB data :((((

Anyway, how do y'all like my new phone? Couldn’t resist taking a selfie with my new LG phone and I can’t waittttt to share with you guys more about it in the next coming blog post! Stay tuned and SIGN UP FOR THE SINGTEL YOUTH PLAN NOW IF U HAVEN’T!


  1. hi, do existing subscribers get the 10% off and 3GB data from now on as well?

  2. If you are an existing SingTel user you'd have to upgrade or recontract your plan to get the benefits! If you would like the extra data for my readers you can terminate your line and sign a new one!

  3. sorry, i meant if i'm already an existing lite youth plan subscriber - would i still have to recontract to enjoy the benefits? :)

  4. Yes I'm afraid you would have to. Unless your existing price plan is cheaper - then you can upgrade your line (i think it's for free but I can't confirm on this) to the new plans! :)

  5. Hmm alright then, will consider it. Thanks for the prompt reply :)

  6. love the headpiece! btw you look like Taeyeon SNSD :D



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