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Saturday, August 16, 2014
Many people don't give enough credit on how hard it is to be a blogger. I know there are tons of people who thinks that bloggers are just people who gets paid and sponsored to write about this and that - but it's really not that easy. Just like a normal job, if we get paid, we have clients to deal with, and we have work to do. We're like magazine editors, only more - most of the time we are our own models, photographer, editor, and writer as well - and yet our working hours aren't defined and a lot of us have to do work on weekends as well lol.

So from time to time, I'd take some time for myself because it can be really tiring between blogging and shoots. Earlier this year, I took a staycation at BIG Hotel with the boy to relax, to let me take a short getaway from work (but I still ended up shooting for some ads there sigh) and to let the boy take a break after his exams.

Don't let it's name fool you - BIG Hotel rooms aren't that big, which really isn't a problem to me since it's really clean and has a modern decor. They are small and cosy, but they are BIG on comfort. The bedsheets and quilt they have were so soft and silky B and I barely wanted to leave the bed.

Not to mention that the king size bed was soooooo comfortable and we had the TV right in front of us!

Each room comes with a tablet for you to browse the channels and... to control the lights!! I need this in my room man...
If my room was like that you guys would never see me in the real world ever again.

There was also a safe under the bed and I was happy that it was big enough to put my laptop in (BIG Hotel has free WIFI for guests to use yay). I hate those tiny safes in hotels... SO SMALL PUT WHAT? 

The toilet was nice and clean albeit a little small (you can see the room layout in the lighting control photo) but I forgot to take a shot of it because the boy looked so comfortable on the bed I wanted to get on and see how comfortable it was too... heh.

BIG Hotel has their own set of toiletries provided as well and personally I really liked the scent of the essential oils present in them.

The only bummer for the trip was that I felt that the food from the breakfast buffet to be meh-ish. I'm quite picky with food so I don't eat many of them, but I'm good so long there's cereal! Although, since the location of the hotel is very centralised, there are also various food places nearby (like Strictly Pancakes)!

Thank you BIG Hotel for having B and I over for the staycation!

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  1. may i know what camera you use to take your photos? :)


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