Wednesday, September 3, 2014
Before I started doing shoots, I used to think little of my lippies. I didn't use to wear much lipstick/glosses/tints because I didn't think that they'd make much of a difference. As I started wearing heavier makeup for photoshoots, I realised how a simple lipstick can make your whole makeup look change!
Today's post is going to be on KOSÉ ESPRIQUE. Perhaps some of you might have come across KOSÉ counters at the major departmental stores. Previously, it wasn't a brand I've paid much attention to, but after getting to try out their new lip colours, I really wonder why I have not!! Everything else aside, the packaging is just so luxe and gorgeous!

For Autumn/Winter 2014, KOSÉ ESPRIQUE Bright Lasting Rouge has released 3 new bold and vibrant shades: Vivid orange (OR290), Cherry Red (RD490) and Exotic Pink (PK890) at $39 each. I love the way the tip and bullet of the lipstick is made, because it gives me the precision to apply a bright lip colour with confidence even without using a lip pencil.

KOSÉ ESPRIQUE Bright Lasting Rouge is also a one step product which includes serum, concealer, and lip colour! 

You know how some lipsticks don't turn out true to the colour as shown on the bullet? Not for KOSÉ ESPRIQUE. As our lips are naturally pigmented, the concealer helps to cover uneven tones so your lipstick colour pops brightly and vividly. This lipstick also keeps your lips moisturized thanks to the serum ingredients!

I couldn't decide which of these colours I actually like more because the colours are all so gorgeous and since they are made to suit Asian skin tones, I feel that they complement the yellow undertones in my skin! Plus, they are super moisturising can?? I had one of the colours on my lips the whole day without my lips feeling or looking flakey at all!

RD490 (Cherry Red) is a bright red which is very true and has a rather neutral undertone, which I feel will suit many different skin tones! I personally like how the red makes my teeth look whiter!

PK890 (Exotic Pink) is a blue-tone pink which does wonders to brighten up your skin tone, and again, whiten your teeth! If I had to pick my favourite between the 3 lippies, it'd be this one, because a pink lipstick can really brighten your complexion and make you look awake and fresh. When I don't want such a strong lip, these lipsticks are very good for creating that ulzzang gradient lip because its smooth texture makes it really easy to blend!

OR290 (Vivid Orange) is a shade that I personally find much easier to wear than other orange lippies I've tried. I was really happy to see that there was an orange shade because orange is a more unique colour, and it has been big in Korea recently! My only gripe with orange lipsticks is that they have the tendency to make your teeth look slightly more yellow :(.

My general thoughts on the Bright Lasting Rouge are that the colours are really perfect for our yellow-toned Asian skin. I personally like that slightly dewy finish it has, but for anyone who prefers matte lip colours, you can definitely just blot it with a tissue or dab some powder to achieve that matte look. The Bright Lasting Rouge does transfer, but it lightly stains lips so you won't be left with patchy-looking lips.

For those who prefer less pigmentation, or more of a glossy lip, there is the ESPRIQUE Rouge Stay Magic. While I was first skeptical about it (I mean, how well can lip glosses stay, right?), I was blownnnnnn away by how long it actually lasted, and how well it stays on my lips. Plus, this one promises no colour transfer so boyfriends, you guys can rejoice to this!

I wanna give a little shout out to the applicator because it is so easy to control, has a pointed tip for precision, and picks up the perfect amount of product!

Amongst all the newly launched colours of ESPRIQUE Rouge Stay Magic, I'd say that RD433 is my favourite because it is a soft pink. Don't let the colour on the applicator fool you - the colours actually change a little when applied to your lips because of your natural lip colour, and enhances it in the most natural and beautiful way!

RO362 is a slightly darker (almost berry) tone that will be suitable for night as well! Again, this one has a blueish undertone so it brightens up your skin and makes your teeth whiter!

BE332 is what I'd call the perfect nude! It's a light nude with a pink undertone so that it doesn't wash you out. Nudes are perfect for when you have a strong eye, but a lot of the times the shades that nude lipsticks are available in just aren't flattering on Asians. 

Can I just say how much I love the Rouge Stay Magic because it totally blurs out and fill up any lines on the lips?? It is also very moisturizing and I love that it isn't too sticky!

Interested to get one for yourself? Purchase any new ESPRIQUE lip colour and enjoy a free compact mirror! While stocks last!

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