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Saturday, August 30, 2014
Back with another advertorial for Sassy Dream today! Like I have mentioned before, Sassy Dream is one of the brands with clothings that really suit my style! I like casual and simple pieces, but sometimes sweet or edgier pieces as well. Picked out a few pieces that I'll share with you girls about today.

Pictured above, I was wearing the It's Summer Romper together with the US Army Hoodie Parka.
I matched the look that day with a pair of neutral booties to give it a slightly edgier look so that the soft floral romper would go well with the slightly more cool-feel parka.

The hoodie is actually one of my new favs because it goes so well with so many things!! Instantly make me look cooler hahaha.

The last item I picked out was the Eudora Crochet Shorts. I love how the crochet gives it the perfect dreamy summer look. Plus - it's really comfortable and lightweight, which makes it perfect for lounging around in on the weekend!

Sassy Dream will be having a sale tonight at 8pm with over 200 items going at 50% off! If your wardrobe needs an update, this is perfect for you!! Also, I know many of you here are students, so if you are looking for a part time job (or know anyone who are), Sassy Dream is hiring!

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  1. You are absolutely gorgeous and flawless!

    Do follow me by GFC and G+

    Will follow you back! :)


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