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Sunday, August 24, 2014
A lot of you here probably already know this, but I didn't complete my secondary school education. It's really just not my thing. I have also mentioned before that education is not everything, but it doesn't mean that it is not important - especially so when you're in a country like Singapore where everyone here and there has a degree or diploma. I've often been asked what am I going to do if I stop blogging and to be honest, I have no idea. My highest qualification is Secondary 4, but my highest certification is only my PSLE.

The thing that throws me away from studying is that it is very dry and mundane - and fundementally what most schools care about is results, as opposed to nuturing an individual. I really was not motivated to study something that I am not at all interested in. 
I'm actually very glad that I was invited to the open house of (and to be able to share with you guys about) M2 Academy. The moment their CEO, Mark, was telling us about the values he believes in at M2, I was sold. For the past 4 years since I left school, I haven't had interest in studying, so I even shocked myself when I realised that I was looking forward to the tour and finding out more about M2 Academy.
"At M2 Academy, we strive to provide innovative and quality education that partners with industries so as to evaluate the necessary skills and develop students for the dynamic local and global economy. By doing so, we aim to be recognized as an institution that prepares students for work academically, technically and culturally."
I feel that this is really very important as I have heard of many stories from people who, after graduating, are unable to get jobs as most of the institutions in Singapore does not groom an individual to be prepared to enter the work force - so they are not equipped with the neccessary skills for the working environment except for their diplomas or degrees. M2 has partnerships with companies like Microsoft, Bloomberg and Frank by OCBC to name a few.

M2 Academy's reception area is also super nice and chill. If I were a student I wouldn't mind chilling here with my friends! Each level of the campus also has an area like that :)

I liked that they hold classes in small numbers because it allows the students to be more interactive with each other as well as the lecturer. Each classroom is split up into small groups of tables to allow for better interaction. No more being blocked by classmates for your view of the powerpoint slides!

My favourite part of the campus is the auditorium - which has a gorgeous view of the heart of Orchard. I didn't take a photo because my camera died on me, but it's really gorgeous!! You guys should really go check it out. Where to find a campus with such a beautiful view?

My fellow bloggers and I were all thinking at this point that the courses must definitely be very expensive, with the campus being in the heart of town, and the decor all so nice and new.. but the fees are very competitive with the other schools! $6k for a 8 month course for a diploma... Plus, if you are like me and don't have the minimum requirements, they offer a foundation/bridging course!

My pictures don't do justice to the beautiful campus because my DSLR died on me and my casio doesn't work very well in office light.. So if any of you are interested, you should drop by the campus and check it out for yourself. I also wanna study here - can take OOTDs because of the amount of light streaming in in the day!!

Also, just a little incentive for you guys to drop by M2 Academy..

M2 Academy is located at Orchard Emerald, Level 11
Registration for September 2014 intake is now open!

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