#askjamietyj Hair Edition: Answered!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Okay so I just posted this a while ago on Instagram and asked you guys about any hair questions you have for me and I've decided I'm going to answer these questions really quickly here now!

"Where do you cut your hair? And how about treatment? Or do u have any tips to share? :)"
My hair cuts and salon treatments are done at Shunji Matsuo @ 313, and my stylist is Caely. Most treatments will wash out after about a month or so, depending on how often you wash your hair, so I'll recommend you buy home treatments to do regularly as well.

"Is there any way to increase hair volume or make it look less thin? :)"
"How to make your hair voluminous?"
It depends on why your hair is lacking volume. Some people have thin strands, while others just have little hair. Use a volumising shampoo to thicken the hair, and use products (root spray, hair powder) if you have to.

"Do you have a hair care routine that you use regularly? Because I dyed my hair and it feels and look like hay."
I don't. I use different products based on how I want my hair to be. If I want it straighter I use more nourishing products; if I want it curled I will use a curling shampoo. Maybe your dye was too harsh and ended up overly drying and damaging your hair. Something I do use regularly is hair oils though.

"How do u reduce frizziness!!"
Hair oil

"Anything you do to prevent excessive hairfall?"

"What shampoo do you normally use? & do you use any hair fragrance?"
I don't use shampoos of a particular brand. Like mentioned above, I use different types of shampoos depending on how I want my hair to look. I don't usually, but I do own one from Ma Cherie that I really like the scent of.

"how do you keep your hair not looking soo puffed up even after hours being outside ?? ._."
My hair is naturally very thick and I have a full head of hair lol. It isn't always so puffed up, but it's easy for me to puff it up before photos.

"May I know if Caely cuts your hair too?"
She does.

"How to grow your hair faster?"
"How to make your hair grow faster? And I am trying to grow my side bangs out but how to have bangs like yours?"
This differs from one to another so I'm not sure. Google it. I don't have bangs either.

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