Thursday, October 2, 2014
If you guys don't already know, I have been getting eyelash extensions done for the past couple of months at Flutters (@ 15 Duxton Road) and I absolutely love it. They make me look much more awake as well as save me time doing my makeup. Besides the obvious fact that I don't have to apply mascara anymore, it also saves me time with lining my entire eyelid because the lashes makes it seem like my lashline is fuller.

Here, I'd like to disclaim that whatever I say is not just because I am sponsored. For those of you who have been reading my blog for a long time, you'd know that I really take pride in the fact that I only advertise for sponsors I believe in and personally like. 

I've been sponsored eyelash extentions previously prior to doing it with Flutters, and I gotta say that Flutters really tops my list because they are not only so comfortable that I don't feel it on my lashes, they last very long as well. I usually get single strand ones done and their lash technicians are so skilled that it is not only much faster as compared to when I got it done at other places, but also much more comfortable. I have sensitive eyes and not once has the glue that Flutters use stung my eyes.

The concept of the store is very pin-uppy and is very girly and retro. I liked that the space was cozy and spacious, and it really makes me feel right at home.

I usually get 60 strands (more here) and a dolly look (more here) but they also offer 40 and 90 strand ones as well. I usually get either the C or D curl!
It also depends on how much lashes you have naturally because the extensions will need something to adhere to. Want the most natural look? Go for 40 strands, J/B curl, Natural, and ask for the finest strand they have.

Ready to get my lashes touched up! Touch ups usually takes about 30 minutes and redos usually take an hour-ish for me!

See what I meant by it lasts long? This set has been on my lashes for over a month and it still looks great.

All done and hello neater and fuller lashes again!

All done and ready to go!

Thank you Flutters for keeping my lashes pretty!

15A Duxton Road Singapore 089481
Contact: 6220 0920
Quote "JAMIETYJ" to get 10% off ala carte services and trials
5% off regular packages till end of 2014

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