Sunday, October 5, 2014
I guess it's no surprise that I'm a big fan of shopping, online or offline. To be honest, shopping isn't my favourite thing to do, but I just love having new clothes for me to wear and snap my OOTD shots of. Which brings me to why I love pre-order sites - they are able to keep their prices lower because they don't carry dead stocks, nor do they have a need for warehouse space!

Introducing in today's advertorial.
SHESPREES is set to be Your Ultimate Spree SourceWhen you think of shopping online sprees, think Shesprees! Find the best variety of carefully curated styles at guilt-free pricetags here.
How do we keep our prices so affordable? We select only the best suppliers that match quality and cost. No cutting corners, no sacrificing quality for lower prices. Shesprees is truly run on passion!
Free Local Shipping Storewide. Free Doorstep Courier for orders above $80.00. Registered Postage subsidized, Paypal Fees are fully absorbed. Shop safe with Shesprees. Shesprees ships all over the world too!

Here are the items I've picked out for the advert!
Cross My Heart Maxi Dress
Everything about this maxi dress is just perfect. It fits amazing, has a lovely print, and the best part...? It has a slit at the end of the maxi dress! Those of you who actually wear bodycon maxi dresses would know why I love this... because your stride distance doesn't get restricted thanks to the slit! Not to mention, it makes the dress look sexier!

I matched the look with theMetallix Minimalist Heels as well as the Mia Boxy Carryall.
The heels actually are really comfortable and helps to make your legs look sooooo much slimmer and longer!
Don't let the size of the bag fool you: this bag is able to fit all the things I fit into my Rabeanco bag usually! is constantly updated with so many new pieces I feel like I wanna buy everything all the time!!

Quote "JAMIETYJxSHESPREES" to get 5% off, valid until Friday 10th Oct!

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