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Saturday, March 28, 2015
Sharing with you guys some of my favourite channels on YouTube! If you're like me and spend large amounts of time on the internet, this is for you.

Cooking Channels

Jamie Oliver's Food Tube
Many of you may not know this, but I love watching cooking shows. I grew up watching Jamie Oliver's Naked Chef, and I remember coming home from Primary school and watching him cook was relaxing for some reason haha. So it's gonna be no surprise that one of my favourite channels is Jamie Oliver's Food Tube. He also has other chefs on Food Tube as well, and they cover different types of cooking!

Undoubtedly my #1 food channel on YouTube, simply because Chef John is an entertaining guy. I love the edit of his videos which show you how-to cook, which is different from the usual "cook-with-me" slash "watch-me-cook-this" approach that most cooking shows are like. His videos and recipes are straight to the point, without wasting time on mindless blabbering. So to end this paragrah for this post in Chef John's style... "And as always, enjoy" (you'd get this if you watch his videos often as well).

Cooking with Dog
Japanese cuisine has got to be my favourite.. and Cooking with Dog teaches you how to make Japanese food! I love how the chef on this channel has a very warm motherly vibe (think Cooking Mama anyone?) and Francis (the dog) is so cute as well! Again, the recipes are straight to the point without the unneccessary stuff, which keeps their videos short and sweet.

Beauty/Lifestyle Channels
As a (self-proclaimed) vainpot, of course I love watching beauty channels. Some of my favourites are here, but there are a few gurus that I stalk on-off because I don't feel the need to subscribe to them (go figure).

Michelle Phan
I mean, when you talk about YouTube and Beauty, of course the first person you think about is Michelle Phan. I've followed her channel for years and while I got to say that I preferred her older videos since the looks were more wearable, I'm glad that she's also giving great advice on her channel, especially for young ladies!

Andrea's Choice
I don't remember how I got to Andrea's channel but one of the reason why I love her channel is because of her bubbly personality. She's very real and she's super pretty! I also like that she does DIYs every now and then, but her videos are not very consistent so she doesn't update her channel as regularly.

Lisa Eldridge
Celebrity makeup artist! A lot of my makeup skills I've learnt from Lisa, and she's a super talented makeup artist. Her videos are a bit longer and dry (my sister's friend watches her channel to sleep because her voice is soothing) but is filled with so much information (technique, skills, tips) which is especially useful for those of you who might be just starting on makeup!

Bethany Mota
Who hasn't heard of Bethany Mota yet needs to get out of their hiding holes! This girl is only 18 and she's already one of the biggest personalities on YouTube. I love Bethany's videos as they are really creative, and she's super good at DIYs.

I first got to know PONY (who is a super famous makeup artist as well) when I followed Insite TV to watch Mae's Miss Korea episodes. PONY now has her own channel on YouTube. She is suuuuuuper pretty and she's able to transform how she looks with makeup. Definitely my Insta-crush. Can't get over how pretty she is... and an amazing makeup artist at that. If you like Korean makeup, she's the one to follow.

Not beauty but more of a lifestyle channel. Love pinterest DIYs but not sure if they will work? ThreadBanger's got you covered, with their series named Man vs Pin, and Corrine vs Pin. I love both of their funny personalities (but they are a little vulgar, so probably not suitable for younger kids) and watching them try out the pins. Do note that there are some episodes where Rob bleeds (sometimes quite a bit) due to getting cut and etc, so keep that in mind!

That's about it for my favourite YouTube Channels! I do subscribe to more but I didn't feature them all here. Hope you guys liked this post and check out the channels!

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