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Monday, March 30, 2015
You guys who have been reading my blog for a long time would know that I'm a fan of beauty gadgets. From an at-home-microdermabrasion tool to light therapy enhancers, I am not new to using beauty gadgets. Clariancy sent me their Calla Cleanse to try out this time round, and here's my review on it.

The Good
For starters, I loved that the Calla Cleanse comes in 3 colours (Pink, Purple, Turqoise), and they are all gorgeous. My favourite colour is Purple, but i actually requested either Pink or Purple because I couldn't make up my mind, so Becky (from Clariancy) made the decision for me instead.

The Calla Cleanse will be great for users with sensitive skin because it's very very gentle. I never once broke out from using it (unlike my Clarisonic). The vibrations speeds can be set according to your preference as well.

The design of the Calla Cleanse also made it very easy for it to reach around the sides of my nose, and let me have a good grip on it. It was easy to use and idiot-proof.

I've only charged my Calla Cleanse once and so far I have not been prompted to recharge the battery yet, so I can conclude that the battery is quite long-lasting.

Also, it comes with a travel pouch and a USB charger for those of you who'd love to bring it overseas on trips (I know I would).

It is affordable. Definitely something that students will be able to afford, or someone who is new to using beauty gadgets can buy without making too big of a commitment to (as there is an ongoing promotion).

The Bad
No indication of the vibration speed. Unlike my Clarisonic, I am actually unsure of the speed of vibrations I'm at on my Calla Cleanse. What I did was set it up to a vibration speed I was comfortable with, and I have no idea how many times I pressed the up/down button.

Since there is also no indication of time, I have to mentally count the seconds that I rotate the Calla Cleanse on my face, which can sometime be a little annoying since it's a little hard to keep track of. Sometimes I get distracted and lose count.

Unlike my Clarisonic, this does not exfoliate much because the bristles are rounded tips made of silicon. If you are someone like me that likes/needs to exfoliate but have sensitive skin, you can alternate the Calla Cleanse with a light exfoliator.

Calla Cleanse is available at all Clariancy outlets!

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