Casio Exilim MR1 Camera Review

Wednesday, April 1, 2015
Gonna review Casio's new Exilim MR1 camera today! As you guys might know, I take all my selfies with my Casio TR150 (and have been doing so since I got it about 3 years ago) because the makeup mode is amazing, so I was really looking forward to trying out this camera.

The MR1 comes in 3 colours - White, Pink, and Turqoise! I picked out pink for mine and it's super gorgeous. You also have the option to change the colour of the interface, and I switched mine to pink.

"Casio has come up with a product that allows the perfect selfie. The light- weight EX-MR1 camera is ergonomic and simple, fitting easily into a pocket or a handbag.
Designed to optimize the user's experience when taking self-portraits through a front-facing mirror, it allows you to check your appearance before snapping your self-portrait. Its make-up function and a 21mm wide angle lens orchestrate this: and with in-built WiFi you can instantly share your favourite angles with friends via your smartphone."

I especially liked that the camera is really small and light so that you can carry it around easily (sometimes I can't even find it in my bag) and that the buttons are easily accessible.

My favourite feature? Wifi transfer. I use a wifi memory card for my TR150 (because it's a very old model so it doesn't come with such a feature) and it drains the battery like CRAZY. For the MR1, it allows you to only turn on the wifi transfer when you need it (to be used with the Exilim Link app).

Transfers to both iPhone and iPad.

The main feature of this camera is the hidden lens behind the mirror front, as well as the makeup mode.The mirror front allows you to take your selfies and be able to look at how you look and make sure you are in frame. Especially good when taking photos with young children!

The lens of the camera is really quite wide, so you will be able to fit more things into one photo.

Unlike usual cameras, this one uses a Mirco SD instead of a Nano SD, which makes it a little more troublesome for me... but I suppose can always use the Wifi feature to transfer the images.

Actual photo quality.

Natural lighting


Unlike my TR150's makeup setting of 1~12, this camera allows for 2 different settings under makeup mode - skin smoothing and skin lightening, both 1~12.

Personally, I found it a little hard for the camera to focus a lot of the time when taking selfies, and the image quality when taking selfies isn't very consistent. The problem doesn't exist when I take mirror-shots or when I take normal shots, so it could actually just be that the problem lies with my face... haha.

The colours also come out a little too cool (blue-toned) for my liking, but it's not that bad after it gets transferred, so maybe it's because of the camera's display. In all of the pictures above, I've only tweaked the lighting, but done nothing to the colour, and all taken on Skin Lightening 1.

One of the things I realised was that I didn't like the Skin Smoothing function. Even on level one, the pictures came out way too brushed and unnatural, so I didn't save any photos in that mode.

Also, because of the angle that I take my photos at, the way the lens is positioned means that if I'm at the correct angle reflected in the mirror, the photo comes out slightly different, but if I'm at the correct lens angle, I'm not entirely reflected in the mirror. Not a huge problem for me since I take selfies all the damn time, but if you don't, finding your "correct angle" might be a little tricky.

Overall, this camera is actually pretty good (to be honest). I am probably spoilt by my TR150, but there is a reason why the TR range is crazy expensive, right? I'm just comparing based on my TR150, which is why this might seem a little biased towards my TR150. However, if you're new to selfie cameras and would like something small and light (not to mention, looks too cute to boot) without breaking your wallet, the MR1 is a good try.

The MR1 was sent to me for a unbiased review. All thoughts and views are entirely my own and not influenced by external sources.

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